Saturday, September 21, 2013

s a t u r d a y

 this book is AMAZING!  darker than i normally like, super intense, and with a strange dom/submissive tangent that ... i don't quite get.  but goodness, i'm quite in love w/ andrew & cam & i can already sense the book hangover that i'm going to have when i finish it.
i would LIKE to finish it tonight, but i have a little over 100 pages left, and i'm sleepy, so i'm thinking i'll finish tomorrow.  

 i met mom & leyton at applebee's for lunch.  it was fun!
and look at those blue, BLUE eyes!  he's not really frowning in the bottom picture, i just caught him at a weird angle, but perfect for showcasing those eyes!  : )  

after lunch, he & mom went to WM & i went to mom's to read read read!
when they got back, he had to show me his new NINJA jacket.  
the hood kinda creeps me out, but he really likes it.  

we went to the family cook out at aunt nancy & uncle gene's.  bonfire!!
got to chat a little w/ a bunch of aunts & uncles & cousins, eat some yummy food stuffs, and have some warm apple cider.  huzzah!
sadly, for some reason, i didn't take any pictures.  *boggle*  my phone was in my pocket.... idk!  

anyway, it was a nice, blessed day!!  


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