Wednesday, September 25, 2013

orange juice

i love orange juice.  i can't guzzle it anymore - have you ever looked at the carbs on OJ??  eep! - but i buy a little jug of it & take "shots" now & then.  : )  it's just so bright & cheery-tasting.  well, when it's the right kind.  there are lots of orange "juice-like-drinks" out there, ya know?  and they have their place - who doesn't like a good swig of sunny d now & again?  and that concentrate stuff?!  ah, the memories.  lol  but, for me, nothing beats the full flavor and happy feeling of simply orange.    it's just my favorite OJ.  so i thought i'd share.  : )  

today i tried to read American Vampire, but i didn't like it.  it was an interesting story & well written, but it just wasn't the vampire story for me.  idk if i've mentioned i'm a little picky about my vampires?  i know the sookie stackhouse books are beloved by many, but no thank you.  anne rice?  nope.  you know my vampire loves - lynsay sands, kerrelyn sparks - and sherrilyn kenyon, except i don't really think of her dark-hunter books as "vampire" books.  michele bardsley's broken heart vampires are good.  and of course, i ADORE the way amanda ashley writes vampires!  i love the fact that each author (even the ones i don't like) takes this well-known supernatural creature type and makes it their own.  i love that there is so much variety of vampire lore, because it means that there is something for everyone!  

and i am still on pins & needles waiting for my books.  i hope they all make it here friday.  or, you know, they could get here tomorrow.  i'd be super okay with that.  LOL  (i'm not complaining - i know that if i deigned to use an e-reader i could have them all yesterday!)

my next book is going to be The Duchess's Next Husband by a super sweet author, Terri Brisbin.  and if i finish it before my books get here, after that will - i think - be a julia quinn.  

um.  what else?  probably nothing you'd like to read about.  *laugh*  not that you wanted to read about OJ & vampire books, but you did, so thanks!  

i had some other thoughts swirling around yesterday, but i never did get them written out, and now i've mostly forgotten them (well, not the thoughts, but how i wanted to present them) and i'm hungry so i think i'll make some pasta & meatballs & cream sauce, and also my computer says it needs to charge.  so!  i hope your camel day was fantastic & stuff!  : ) 


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