Wednesday, September 4, 2013


i don't understand how my nose can be all stuffed up and running at the same time.  
i would think this to be an impossibility, yet the proof is in my stuffed up and runny nose.
i don't get it.
i like it even less.

so, other than having this weather-induced headcold, today went pretty well.  got up on time & made it to the gas station AND starbucks.  and work on time.  
win win win!
i was pretty spot on w/ my email guess - i had about 400 in one box, 35 in the 2nd & only 7 in the 3rd.  once i got through all the "delete right aways" the 400 reduced to about 70.  woot!  most of those were timecard related.  

at lunch i got to help a pair of gentlemen w/ excellent hard rock/metal musical tastes find the jimmy john's.
and also read a bit.
: ) 

got to text chat w/ april a bit today & that's always a blessing!
BB is getting suuuuper interesting, too.  
mom even made it home for tonight's episode, so that was nice - except she reallly does not like amanda or andy.  *laugh*  

ugh.  i am feeling slightly better than miserable, hoping that i'll feel better tomorrow, but thinking i'm probably going to hit a bad stage of this before it gets better.  *sigh*  i did get fruit & sinus meds at the store after work, so at least i have that going for me.  also, chocolate donuts.  Yum!  

gonna read a bit more of A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing & then hit the hay.  


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