Wednesday, September 25, 2013

just some thoughts i had earlier today

Iris – Real
Sound of Madness – several D-H books
Saving Me – Acheron
I’d Come For You – The Guardian
Sometimes it’s because the song is featured in the book (Iris, Saving Me) and sometimes it’s just because the lyrics SPEAK to that story.  Most of the time it’s a song I already enjoyed, but having a “connection” to it makes it more intense.  Like with Jars of Clay’s Flood.  From diagnosis to going Home, it was about 40 days for my dad.  Flood has always been one of my favorite songs since the first time I heard it, but now when I play it (LOUDLY), and I shout out the chorus in my car, I almost always cry and think of Daddy.  When I hear Freshmen, I’m taken back to my 2nd dorm room, my single, and blasting the song while counseling Mindy as she came to my room at 2 in the morning after being out at the bars.  When I hear K-7, I’m taken back to road trips with Joy & (again, blasting the music) singing along to songs that I had NO IDEA what they were talking about at the time.  Now I do & feel a little sketchy blasting it, but … it’s nostalgic, and I blast away.  :D  

i'm feeling concert withdrawl.  anthony & i have been to three this year, and i'm ready for another one!  i think yanni's going to be back in the states soon... maybe there will be a concert close enough that i can go?!  so far he's only got florida listed.  that might work if the dates were over shutdown, but alas, they are not.  shinedown will be doing a new tour, too, but not sure when.  they made it sound like it would be soon after carnival of madness wrapped up, which it has... 

okay, i really have to go to bed!  The Duchess's Next Husband has me wanting to stay up & read, but 5:30 is already coming up too quickly.  *laugh*


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