Monday, September 16, 2013

i won...

the DA award for today.  *laugh*  i knew today was going to be my bad day, but i really didn't want to miss work.  between vacation & being sick, i think i've been gone more than there this month.  so i got up & got dressed & got coffee & went to work.  and immediately turned around to come back home.  STUPID.  i know i can't be up & about on my bad days.  i know this.  but i didn't feel that badly when i got up, and i thought maybe, just maybe it would hold off until tomorrow, so i could at least get some things done after having taken the 1/2 day on friday.  no go.  so dumb.  

anyway, i should have gone back to bed once i got home, but i was up, so i just parked on the couch & read Wait For You (awesome, awesome, 10 stars, fabulous!  not quite what i was expecting, but so sweet & heartbreaking & healing & fantastic.  i find i can be okay w/ a lot of things as long as there is an HEA, but those things have to be done RIGHT.  jennifer armentrout did it RIGHT.  thumbs up!  can't wait to read the next one, Be With Me.  :)  

one thing, tho - the book is written by jennifer l. armentrout, writing as j. lynn.  i'm not sure i understand the point of that?  i mean, i get pen names, and having different pen names for different genres.  but ... i don't get having a pen name if you're advertising it as yourself, also?  if any of my bookie friends has an explanation, please share!  (bookie as in reading, not bookie as in betting.  shiloh, i know you don't know anything about authors or books!  *wink*)  

so, now i've finished this amazing book & i'm still a semi-prisoner to this bad day BS, but i am STARVING and i really want MEAT but the only way i'm going to get that is to brave going out.  *sigh*  meh.  maybe i'll just eat some oh-so-healthy chips.  

anywhoodle!  idk what i'm reading next.  decisions, decisions... Love Overdue, maybe?  or i might go back to Broken Heart, OK, now that i finally have the missing book... we'll see.

that's my DA story.  ttfn.  

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