Friday, September 27, 2013

i *heart* clouds

so, i'm pretty vocal about my aversion to any sort of e-reader.  possibly obnoxiously so, altho if at any time i'm obnoxious about it, i apologize!  not for being vocal (never apologize for being vocal!)!  *laugh*

however, tonight i discovered something - i have a cloud.
well, i knew i had a cloud - it's part of what i love about my chromebook!  my phone & computer are connected & i can access all my apps & i can choose pictures from my phone for the blog w/o having to download anything & my pictures all automatically back up, etc., etc.  so, that's all awesome!
but, apparently, i can get kindle books from amazon to the cloud, as well.  
i don't need to purchase an e-reader or worry about formatting issues having something sent to my email or size issues having it sent to my phone.  
so, that was pretty awesome!  
i'm not expecting to use it over much - i really, really prefer my book-books!  however, sometimes books that i want to read are free through kindle & cost $9 for a paperback.
case in point - a mackenzie christmas by jennifer ashley has been on my wishlist for awhile, but i hadn't bought it yet.  then tonight i saw it was free, so ... i sent it to the cloud.  and started reading it.  and it's lovely!  : )  but i get tired of the computer on my lap & so i'll only be reading a little at a time i think.  

and i may end up buying the paperback at some point anyway, because i want it for my JA collection!

so, there's that!

(did you hear that in a MN accent?  i was IMing w/ mr crushtastic the other day & for some reason that word came out & i heard it in a MN accent & when i told him that he said, "haha, me too."  LOL  i wish we were friend-friends, even if we aren't love-of-our-lives, ya know?  he's good ppl & i'm sure would make an excellent true friend, but at least we're friendly.  *laugh*  that made sense in my head...)

i finished How To Marry A Marquis & am now starting One Lucky Vampire.  
idk how far i'm going to get, tho, cuz i'm plum tuckered & pretty much ready to sleep!  
get to sleep in tomorrow til WHENEVER, tho, so ... : )  

hope your night has been well!  

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