Friday, September 20, 2013


i feel like i have not written in forever!  it hasn't really been that long, but for awhile i was back in the habit of daily posts.  however, this week has been a little "meh."

it hasn't been a bad week - well, other than being sick on monday, but monday was also the day that i read Wait For You & it punched me so hard in the emotions that i think i'm just now recovering.  of course, then the next couple of books i read were either disappointing or meh, and that didn't help!  i was soooo excited about Love Overdue, and then ... phhht.  it just sorta fizzled.  

anyway.  the big brother finale was wednesday, and i wasn't as excited about that as i normally am, either.  contributing to the botheration of the week, i think.  i mean, i am glad that andy won over GM, because - if his answers were accurate & that really was his strategy all season, then KUDOS to him & he deserved to win.  however, i'm not sure that it was really so much a thought-out strategy as much as a case of being good at clinging to the ppl who were in power.  *ponder*  of course, it worked for him - he was trusted by everyone & never was targeted, so... yeah, i think he deserved it.

coffee.  this week has consisted of lots of coffee.

decided to play (approved) hooky (vacation) this afternoon.  
had lunch w/ friends (extra crispy bacon & yummy fries!).
went to BAM to search for The Edge of Never - except i couldn't remember the title, or the author, and apparently hadn't put it on my goodreads list yet, so that did not work.  i did, however, find two other books, and in the bargain shelf, even.  $5, baby!  woot!  
bret texted while i was in BAM & needed a ride, but not for 45 minutes, so i shopped around a bit.  looked for a bookmark for stephen - um.  what happened to bookmarks?!  idk, but i didn't find any that appealed.  or, rather, that i though would appeal to a 10 year old boy!  
gave in & went to target to get the book (cuz i'd seen it there yesterday, but didn't realize it was the one i wanted).  also needed to get some mailers so i could send out books to stephen & kathryn.  now just need to find bookmarks!  oh, and i also got sucked in to a package of pens.  

i picked bret up & dropped him off at his destination.
he's good ppl, my dearest cousin-brother!

then i came home to READ!  : ) 
finished Renegade.  other than a few annoyances & EDITING ERRORS (seriously, i am so disappointed with the amount of editing errors in books anymore.  *sigh*), it was good.  i enjoyed it a lot & DIDN'T skip around, which lately has been the mark of a good book.

read maryse's post about new releases & found about 6 more books to add to my wishlist.  
next allowable time to buy more books from amazon is at the end of the month.  
also, the books i ordered earlier STILL HAVEN'T SHIPPED!  
what the what?
ship, please?!  
: ) 


idk, but it's midnight & i'm tired & i'm going to start this & then hit the hay!

tomorrow aunt nancy & uncle gene are having a bonfire cookout thingy, so that should be nice!  

what're you up to this weekend?
and what have you been reading??  : ) 


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