Sunday, September 8, 2013

characters calling

today i was supposed to hang out w/ leyton, but since i am still sick, mom volunteered to hang out w/ him so i could rest.  i missed the little dude, but was very grateful for the extra recoup time!!  

i finished Battlescars, which i really, REALLY enjoyed & am looking forward to reading the other books in the series,  the typos & whatnot were annoying, but the story was fab!  : )  then i read Dead Sexy by amanda ashley, and it was very good!  not my favorite of hers, but a keeper nontheless.  (there has only been one of hers that i hated, and i can't even remember the name of it, but i did note it in my book log so i'll be sure not to read it again.  oye.)  

now, i'm reading Lick again, even tho i just read it last month.  when the characters call to me, i can only resist for so long under the reasoning that i have SO MANY NEW BOOKS to read!  *laugh*  really, my library is such a mess right now - am hoping to have the drive & energy to work on it next weekend.  : )  

and yes, i do have about 5 books that i'm still waiting to be delivered, not counting the pre-orders which will be delivered as they release... *grin*  

aside from all the reading, i did go over to mom's to watch BB & i was enjoying seeing what all happened btwn mccrae winning the HOH on double eviction night & his reasoning for putting up elissa & stuff.  mom was not pleased w/ all that "backhashing" cuz she wanted to see new stuff.  i was like, but this IS new stuff - we didn't get to see it all during the live show!!!  : )  

and that's my update for today.  i'm going to read for 1/2 an hour & then SLEEP!  : ) 


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