Sunday, September 1, 2013


Tall, Tatted & Tempting was fabulous!
and then i found out there's a sequel, which continues Logan & Emily's story, Smart, Sexy and Secretive.  it should arrive to me in a week or so.  : )  and then there's a third book coming out in october, but that's logan's brother, pete's story.  *happy book dance*

that whole situation does make me curious, tho - why have two books for one couple?  why not just put the whole story into one book?  it seems to be a trend among independent authors, and i just don't get it.  but then, you know how i like my HEA's!!!  : )  

now i'm reading the latest Love At Stake, The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo.  i thought i would finish tonight, but i'm getting sleepy, so idk if that will happen!  and then, once i finish it, i'll be starting on Styxx!!!  
: ) 
i think i'm ready now... i might go back & read some snippets of the other DH books before starting it... not sure yet.  i may just dive right in!  

speaking of diving, i wonder when the next Stage Dive book comes out?  hmmm...

anyway!  ttfn!  : )  

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