Tuesday, September 3, 2013

book fate

i love when things like this happen:

i read reviews of Terry Spear's wolf shifter series on a couple different sites, and added a couple to my wishlist at amazon.  (sidenote: amazon is dangerous!  lol  my wishlist grows faster than i purchase, for sure!)  i put A Seal In Wolf's Clothing into my cart on one of my last group buys.

saturday, when i returned to town from atlanta, i stopped at the book rack just to check in - and because it's right next to starbucks & you know i was getting some starbucks!  : )  so, i saw there were a few terry spear books, and i picked one out randomly - To Tempt The Wolf.  i read part of the back & it was interesting, so i bought it.  added it to my piles in the library.  read it today.  decided to read A Seal... next.

now, this series has idk how many books in it, but at least 8.  and of course they're all connected, but here's where the book fate concept comes in - this one is about the sister of the hero of the last one!  like, i could have picked any two & happened to pick these two!  

or, like, when i randomly pick up a book that i don't know is connected to anything else, and i start reading it & realize - i know these characters, not because i've read the book before, but because it IS connected to another story.  

or, when i find out that the book i've read HAS connecting stories, that it's part of a series & i didn't even know (like the love at stake series by kerrelyn sparks or the argeneau series by lynsay sands.  even the dark-hunter series - when i started these, i started somewhere in the middle & didn't know there were connected books until later.  love it!!)

see?  book fate!  

does that make sense?  idk, maybe you have to be as nutty as i am to get it, but i thought it was super neat!


so, sadly, my week of vacation is coming to a close.  back to work tomorrow!  back to getting up at 5:30 & that will be hard!  hopefully not really.  *laugh*  but i do have to go to bed before 2 AM!!  and i am wondering how many emails i'll have.  yesterday was a holiday, so everyone was off, but i was gone for 2 1/2 whole work days, so... 400 wouldn't be unreasonable, as long as most of them are "junk" mail - not true junk mail, but read receipts & the like from automatic emails.  ya know?  yeah.  should be interesting at any rate!!  : ) 

i spent today reading (duh!) & more wishlisting & blog reading & fbing... it was a very nice day!  

i hope you're having a stellar week!!


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