Friday, September 6, 2013


feeling better.  taste buds were wonky today, tho.  

met becks for dinner at the machine shed & actually was able to taste most of my cod dinner, so that was a bonus!  :)  good to catch up as always!  also got to chat w/ april a bit today, always welcome!!!  : ) 

peterson family farmers - youtube them now.  management made the awesome decision to show one of their videos at the top of our morning meeting, and i'm hooked!

finished Smart, Sexy and Secretive - it was WONDERFUL!  really, really like logan & emily.  top 10.  totally top 10 couple for 2013.  love!!

next book is julia quinn's the secret diaries of miss miranda cheever (it's book one - i've read this trilogy all out of order!  book 3 was Ten Things I Love About You, book 2 was What Happens in London, and this is book 1.  *laugh*  so, i read them backwards!!  but enjoyed the other two immensely (rereads for sure!) so i know this will be a fun ride! 

i wanted to pre-order a book on amazon, and then i ordered a couple more, and then of course once again JUST as i submitted the order i read a review of one other book on my wish list & it makes me want to read it rightnow & i have to wait til next month's order.  (bwahahahaha!  next month.  i'll be lucky if i resist the urge to buy more books until next pay day!) (heh)

anywhoo!  hope you've had a great friday!


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