Thursday, September 5, 2013

be a blessing

the other day, while at WM getting groceries, i heard the wail of an unhappy child.  i recognized that wail from last year or so when leyton had a melt down in the movie section.  i turned down the aisle with the child - a boy much younger than leyton, maybe 2 or 3, sitting in the cart, crying his eyes out.  his mom (or aunt or babysitting) was being very calm but trying to firmly tell him to stop, essentially.  i didn't make a conscious decision to say anything, but i'm me, and so i did.  : )  

i was just "aunt carrie" & said, "oh, i've been there!  but mine was older and wouldn't stay in the cart! *laugh*"  the little boy quieted down when i started talking, so i thought i'd try employing the arts of surprise & distraction, to maybe give the mom (or aunt or babysitter) a brief moment of peace.  i asked if he was having fun shopping & told him how lucky he was that he got to have someone push him around the store.  he looked at me w/ big eyes & then looked at his mom/aunt/sitter and his face wrinkled up & she said he was tired & i said, "oh, i understand that!"  he quieted again.  "i would like to take a nap, too!"  i smiled at them & the boy stayed quiet & looked happier & i trollied away.  she thanked me quietly, and i gave everyone a little wave & walked slowly away when i got around the corner.  

the little boy didn't start crying/yelling again while i was w/in earshot, so hopefully they were able to do the rest of their shopping in peace.  : )  

you never know when just the smallest thing will touch someone.  
be kind to everyone, because a little bit of kindness takes you 3 seconds & can make someone's entire day better.

because i send out memorials at work, i quite often get thank-you cards, or calls, or emails.  the cards are easy - no response required, ya know?  emails are sometimes hard because i WANT to respond, but "you're welcome" seems so trite when someone is thanking you for sending them a note when someone has passed away.  phone calls are both the hardest and the sweetest, because the person in LIVE and thanking me / the company, and again "you're welcome seems ... idk.  

but today i received a thank you email that just really touched my heart.  so much so that i forwarded it on to my bosses to let them know how happy i am to work for a company that honors its retirees and employees in this way, and that i get to be a part of that process.  

one small kindness can touch someone.  it can make their lives better.
small kindnesses make my life better.w

praise the Lord!  : ) 


and now i really should get to bed!  i'd wanted to be in bed an hour ago, but alas, that did not happen!

my bosses sent me home at noon because we had a meeting at 11:30 & i couldn't stop coughing (somewhat violently sometimes) every time i tried to talk or laugh!  it was that horrible barky cough.  and it HURT!  but i felt okay, other than when i coughed & then that made me tired.  and i was trying not to pull a stomach or boob muscle!!  *laugh*  i'd already made the decision that i should go home after the meeting, but it was funny (and sweet!  that they cared!) when one of them was like, "no offense, but you're making ME hurt.  go home.  get some rest."  heh.  really, that gave me a warm fuzzy, even as i was irritated by the coughing and the fact that i REALLY had wanted to get some stuff done!  boss was like, "the work will most definitely be there tomorrow!"  which, of course, and when i truly feel horrid, i don't have a problem coming home early, but i sounded worse than i felt.  

still, i was happy to be home where i didn't have to talk to anyone for several hours!!  
i went through quite a lot of tissues, took some meds, finished my Wolf book.

oh!  and waiting for me by the door?
Smart, Sexy and Secretive
by Tammy Falkner
so of course that is what i'm reading now.  i'm about 1/2 way through.
i would like to stay up & read, but am going to bed as soon as i finish this blog!!  
SSS is the 2nd part of Logan & Emily's story from Tall, Tatted and Tempting.  i LOVE these characters, love this story, the writing, just everything about it!  : )  not sure why it had to be split into two books, but hey, i plunked down my $14 to have them both, so there ya go.  : )  they're worth it!!

went to mom's for the BB double eviction.  poor, poor mccrae!  he almost had a chance!  well, i guess he still does... he could still pull it off.  maybe!

my voice is still scratchy, but i'm not coughing every time i speak (yes, i've tested it out on the cat).  i tried to talk to phil while at mom's & the coughing was still happening.  but mom had some cough syrup, so i took some & it seems to have helped.  of course, that was 3 hours ago & it only lasts for 4, so we'll see how i am in the middle of the night!
either way, tho, i will be going to work!  we have meetings tomorrow, and i have lunch & dinner plans... altho i'm not sure i'll be able to taste the food... 


there might have been more i was going to write about, but i REALLY need to go to bed!
there will be a pumpkin spice frapp calling my name in the morning, and i want enough time to get it before work!!  : ) 

have you read anything fabulous lately?  you know my list!!
Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo
What Happens in London (seriously, this one was SO CUTE!)

: ) 


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