Monday, September 30, 2013

31 in september

yep, i read 31 books in september.  crazy!  however, to be fair, they weren't all good books and some of them i didn't actually read all of - like the disappointing Love Overdue.  *sigh*  but i do always read the last few chapters!  and i guess Love Overdue wasn't all thumbs down - i did enjoy the last 1/2 of it.

no worries w/ today's book, Freefall by Tess Oliver.  it was a quick read, especially considering that i didn't get to read at lunch today!  the story was unique - our heroine lost her voice in a tragic accident many years ago, and she communicates w/ pen & paper.  idk how to pinpoint what i love about that, but - much like w/ Tall, Tatted and Tempting/Smart, Sexy and Secretive's logan, i love getting to know these characters who are communicating with their beloved in different ways.  i love that connection.  : )  

next book is Always, My Love, which i'm quite looking forward to as well.  i cannot stay up until 1 reading, however.  one night of 4 hours sleep i can handle, but if i don't get a good 5 1/2 or 6 tonight, i'm not sure i'll be able to function tomorrow!  *laugh*  

i didn't get to read on my break today because i went to lunch w/ a couple gals from the office.  we went to los agaves & it was YUMMY!  : )  and i hadn't previously had the opportunity to hang out w/ these two much, so that was nice as well!

what else?  idk, i'm sure there's more, but i want to read a couple chapters before i fall into my pillow.  : )  i do wish our government would get their collective heads out of their nether regions, tho.  *sigh*  they're currently playing right into the "learn from history or you're doomed to repeat it" category.  our ancestors rose up against what they saw as tyranny in their government... of course, they also thought it was their right to usurp whatever land they wanted from the native peoples & called themselves better than the monarchy they were breaking away from, so... i guess it's all a bunch of malarkey anyway.  

anyway!  for those of you government workers who are considered "non-essential" as well as the rest of us, i really hope this "shutdown" doesn't go on for long!  


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