Monday, September 30, 2013

31 in september

yep, i read 31 books in september.  crazy!  however, to be fair, they weren't all good books and some of them i didn't actually read all of - like the disappointing Love Overdue.  *sigh*  but i do always read the last few chapters!  and i guess Love Overdue wasn't all thumbs down - i did enjoy the last 1/2 of it.

no worries w/ today's book, Freefall by Tess Oliver.  it was a quick read, especially considering that i didn't get to read at lunch today!  the story was unique - our heroine lost her voice in a tragic accident many years ago, and she communicates w/ pen & paper.  idk how to pinpoint what i love about that, but - much like w/ Tall, Tatted and Tempting/Smart, Sexy and Secretive's logan, i love getting to know these characters who are communicating with their beloved in different ways.  i love that connection.  : )  

next book is Always, My Love, which i'm quite looking forward to as well.  i cannot stay up until 1 reading, however.  one night of 4 hours sleep i can handle, but if i don't get a good 5 1/2 or 6 tonight, i'm not sure i'll be able to function tomorrow!  *laugh*  

i didn't get to read on my break today because i went to lunch w/ a couple gals from the office.  we went to los agaves & it was YUMMY!  : )  and i hadn't previously had the opportunity to hang out w/ these two much, so that was nice as well!

what else?  idk, i'm sure there's more, but i want to read a couple chapters before i fall into my pillow.  : )  i do wish our government would get their collective heads out of their nether regions, tho.  *sigh*  they're currently playing right into the "learn from history or you're doomed to repeat it" category.  our ancestors rose up against what they saw as tyranny in their government... of course, they also thought it was their right to usurp whatever land they wanted from the native peoples & called themselves better than the monarchy they were breaking away from, so... i guess it's all a bunch of malarkey anyway.  

anyway!  for those of you government workers who are considered "non-essential" as well as the rest of us, i really hope this "shutdown" doesn't go on for long!  


Sunday, September 29, 2013

sunday nights are back!

i *heart* sunday night TV!  Once Upon A Time & Revenge - SO GOOD!  plus, i get to hang out w/ trish (& al)!  today was al's birthday, and apparently someone decided to decorate his truck while he was at work - and then they locked his keys in the truck!  whoops!  *grin*  so, trish & i had to run out to the plant to unlock the doors.  heh.  always an adventure!!  : )  

before that, my day was spent finishing Come Away With Me (again w/ the too much sex, but AWESOME story & i will be getting the rest of the series!), reading some of A Mackenzie Christmas (til my battery was zonking out & i had to charge) & then starting Afflicted.  i was gonna read Battlescars again first, but decided to just dive right in to Blake & Piper's story instead.  i'll maybe do a re-read when i get book 3 (Conflicted).  :)  

ummm....!  that's really all i have for today!  *laugh*  God is good, all the time!  now i'm off to read some before bed.  can you believe we're going into OCTOBER this week??  this year i'm actually liking halloween stuff again... idk if it will last the whole season, but i'm praising the Lord for it right now.  


Friday, September 27, 2013

i *heart* clouds

so, i'm pretty vocal about my aversion to any sort of e-reader.  possibly obnoxiously so, altho if at any time i'm obnoxious about it, i apologize!  not for being vocal (never apologize for being vocal!)!  *laugh*

however, tonight i discovered something - i have a cloud.
well, i knew i had a cloud - it's part of what i love about my chromebook!  my phone & computer are connected & i can access all my apps & i can choose pictures from my phone for the blog w/o having to download anything & my pictures all automatically back up, etc., etc.  so, that's all awesome!
but, apparently, i can get kindle books from amazon to the cloud, as well.  
i don't need to purchase an e-reader or worry about formatting issues having something sent to my email or size issues having it sent to my phone.  
so, that was pretty awesome!  
i'm not expecting to use it over much - i really, really prefer my book-books!  however, sometimes books that i want to read are free through kindle & cost $9 for a paperback.
case in point - a mackenzie christmas by jennifer ashley has been on my wishlist for awhile, but i hadn't bought it yet.  then tonight i saw it was free, so ... i sent it to the cloud.  and started reading it.  and it's lovely!  : )  but i get tired of the computer on my lap & so i'll only be reading a little at a time i think.  

and i may end up buying the paperback at some point anyway, because i want it for my JA collection!

so, there's that!

(did you hear that in a MN accent?  i was IMing w/ mr crushtastic the other day & for some reason that word came out & i heard it in a MN accent & when i told him that he said, "haha, me too."  LOL  i wish we were friend-friends, even if we aren't love-of-our-lives, ya know?  he's good ppl & i'm sure would make an excellent true friend, but at least we're friendly.  *laugh*  that made sense in my head...)

i finished How To Marry A Marquis & am now starting One Lucky Vampire.  
idk how far i'm going to get, tho, cuz i'm plum tuckered & pretty much ready to sleep!  
get to sleep in tomorrow til WHENEVER, tho, so ... : )  

hope your night has been well!  

so excited!! : )

my books were waiting for me at my doorstep when i got home!!!!

suuuuper excited to read each of these.  
i feel like i've been waiting forever!  
dramatic much?

as soon as i finish How To Marry A Marquis (which, btw, is super funny & cute so far!), i'll be digging into One Lucky Vampire, and then it's a toss up btwn Always My Love or Afflicted... and then idk...!  

happy carrie.

oh, yeah, today was a pretty good day.  1/2 an hour meeting turned into 2 hours, but it was a good meeting & lots of things got cleared up & stuff, so yay that!  the cafeteria had grilled pineapple for the burger bar, and i made my own "red robin banzai burger" - the only thing it was missing was teryaki! 

oh, oh, AND johnna posted this super cute picture of the boys from last week's bonfire.

: ) 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

just some thoughts i had earlier today

Iris – Real
Sound of Madness – several D-H books
Saving Me – Acheron
I’d Come For You – The Guardian
Sometimes it’s because the song is featured in the book (Iris, Saving Me) and sometimes it’s just because the lyrics SPEAK to that story.  Most of the time it’s a song I already enjoyed, but having a “connection” to it makes it more intense.  Like with Jars of Clay’s Flood.  From diagnosis to going Home, it was about 40 days for my dad.  Flood has always been one of my favorite songs since the first time I heard it, but now when I play it (LOUDLY), and I shout out the chorus in my car, I almost always cry and think of Daddy.  When I hear Freshmen, I’m taken back to my 2nd dorm room, my single, and blasting the song while counseling Mindy as she came to my room at 2 in the morning after being out at the bars.  When I hear K-7, I’m taken back to road trips with Joy & (again, blasting the music) singing along to songs that I had NO IDEA what they were talking about at the time.  Now I do & feel a little sketchy blasting it, but … it’s nostalgic, and I blast away.  :D  

i'm feeling concert withdrawl.  anthony & i have been to three this year, and i'm ready for another one!  i think yanni's going to be back in the states soon... maybe there will be a concert close enough that i can go?!  so far he's only got florida listed.  that might work if the dates were over shutdown, but alas, they are not.  shinedown will be doing a new tour, too, but not sure when.  they made it sound like it would be soon after carnival of madness wrapped up, which it has... 

okay, i really have to go to bed!  The Duchess's Next Husband has me wanting to stay up & read, but 5:30 is already coming up too quickly.  *laugh*


orange juice

i love orange juice.  i can't guzzle it anymore - have you ever looked at the carbs on OJ??  eep! - but i buy a little jug of it & take "shots" now & then.  : )  it's just so bright & cheery-tasting.  well, when it's the right kind.  there are lots of orange "juice-like-drinks" out there, ya know?  and they have their place - who doesn't like a good swig of sunny d now & again?  and that concentrate stuff?!  ah, the memories.  lol  but, for me, nothing beats the full flavor and happy feeling of simply orange.    it's just my favorite OJ.  so i thought i'd share.  : )  

today i tried to read American Vampire, but i didn't like it.  it was an interesting story & well written, but it just wasn't the vampire story for me.  idk if i've mentioned i'm a little picky about my vampires?  i know the sookie stackhouse books are beloved by many, but no thank you.  anne rice?  nope.  you know my vampire loves - lynsay sands, kerrelyn sparks - and sherrilyn kenyon, except i don't really think of her dark-hunter books as "vampire" books.  michele bardsley's broken heart vampires are good.  and of course, i ADORE the way amanda ashley writes vampires!  i love the fact that each author (even the ones i don't like) takes this well-known supernatural creature type and makes it their own.  i love that there is so much variety of vampire lore, because it means that there is something for everyone!  

and i am still on pins & needles waiting for my books.  i hope they all make it here friday.  or, you know, they could get here tomorrow.  i'd be super okay with that.  LOL  (i'm not complaining - i know that if i deigned to use an e-reader i could have them all yesterday!)

my next book is going to be The Duchess's Next Husband by a super sweet author, Terri Brisbin.  and if i finish it before my books get here, after that will - i think - be a julia quinn.  

um.  what else?  probably nothing you'd like to read about.  *laugh*  not that you wanted to read about OJ & vampire books, but you did, so thanks!  

i had some other thoughts swirling around yesterday, but i never did get them written out, and now i've mostly forgotten them (well, not the thoughts, but how i wanted to present them) and i'm hungry so i think i'll make some pasta & meatballs & cream sauce, and also my computer says it needs to charge.  so!  i hope your camel day was fantastic & stuff!  : ) 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

taco tuesday

altho, i had chicken enchiladas ... : ) 

today was pretty good.  work was kinda slow.  not that there wasn't a lot to do, just that i couldn't seem to FOCUS on what i was doing.  mostly cuz i was pulling together metrics, and while i love love love my spreadsheets, metrics makes me want to take a nap.  but, it's a necessary evil, so ... and there was coffee... 

met a couple friends for lunch.  every time the three of us get together, i just marvel at the fact that we're friends.  i have a few groups of friends like that.  like, some friends just CLICK and there's no surprise to me that we're friends.  even when we don't agree on things, our brains "click" together & we can see where the other person is coming from.  sometimes this happens w/ friends of a similar age, but the truly surprising ones for me are the friends who are decades older or younger than i am.  we are in different phases of our lives, but we share such similar thought patterns that there's no questioning our friendship.  well, i guess this shouldn't be as surprising as it is to me - i'm in a phase of life that seems entirely unique.  i am, quite literally, in a stage by myself.  (oh, wait, i DO have one friend who is both single and not a mother, and so in that we are in the same "stage.")  my friends are married, mothers/fathers, grandmothers/fathers.  if not married, they are dating, or have seriously dated in the past.  i'm not any of that.  it would be nice to be courted, and i do miss cuddling and make out sessions and all that romantic business, but i'm pretty sure at this point it will take an act of God for any of that to be happening.  *laugh*  i bounce back & forth btwn being okay w/ that and being annoyed.

erm.  tangent much?  anyway!  my point is that no matter our differences, i'm very grateful for those who have chosen ME as a friend.  i hope i bless their lives, at least a little, because each & every one of them (YOU!) bless mine!  and also that the chicken enchiladas were delicious.  : )  

after work, i hit up the book rack & found some new reads.  woot!  they were like, "hey, where have you been?!"  and i was all, "so sorry, i've been cheating on you with amazon..."  heh.  they were nice about it, tho.  ; )  then i went to target for a salad & starbucks.  and something else, but as i was wandering through the aisles, i couldn't think of what else it was i wanted to get... i stopped at WM for petrol & such & then headed home to change into shorts.  the weather is being silly - hot/cold.  bring on autumn for a bit so i can get to wearing long sleeves comfortably for a month or two!!  

i went to mom's to watch last night's Castle (OMH, SO GOOD!!!) & had the unexpected surprise of leyton (and phil) time!!!  *superhappybounce*  leyton gave me a HUUUUUGE hug when i walked in.  *beam*  then he proceeded to eat 1/2 my BLT wrap & some of my salad while phil made him mac & cheese for dinner.  *laugh*  good thing i like to share!!  also, he smashed ice cream all over his face just for me!  (well, okay, he did it on accident at first, then i took a picture, then he got goofy w/ it, then phil helped him clean up.  *laugh*)

my poor lil guy has to have hernia surgery next week.  :(  please keep him in prayer!!  it's an outpatient procedure & he should only be out of school for like 3 days, and then on "light activity" (i.e., no gym class) for 6 weeks.  

when i got home, i finished A Bite To Remember & decided on Jennifer Armintrout's American Vampire as my next read.  it looks good... then i proceeded to add some books to my amazon wishlist...  oh!  AND!  my books finally have shipped & i should have about 6 of them by friday.  *happy dance*

and now it's 10:30 & i haven't actually started American Vampire & i would like to before i go to bed, but i'd also like to get to bed by 11, so... hmmm.  idk.  

anyway!  i hope your tuesday has been happy!  : )  ttfn! 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

book recovery

finished the super-emotional book (OMH THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS!!!!) & then read A Quick Bite again as my recovery book.  also, it's the 10th anniversary of the Argeneau's, and One Lucky Vampire should be in my mailbox in a couple weeks, so i'm reading a few more Argeneau's this week as well.  

confession - i like dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee better than starbucks.  

finally got to eat my target salad for lunch.  yummy!

idk what else.  *laugh*  i sorta want to read Wait For You again.  

it was a pretty quiet, relaxing, book-ful day.

back to work tomorrow.  and CASTLE is back!!  : )  


Saturday, September 21, 2013

s a t u r d a y

 this book is AMAZING!  darker than i normally like, super intense, and with a strange dom/submissive tangent that ... i don't quite get.  but goodness, i'm quite in love w/ andrew & cam & i can already sense the book hangover that i'm going to have when i finish it.
i would LIKE to finish it tonight, but i have a little over 100 pages left, and i'm sleepy, so i'm thinking i'll finish tomorrow.  

 i met mom & leyton at applebee's for lunch.  it was fun!
and look at those blue, BLUE eyes!  he's not really frowning in the bottom picture, i just caught him at a weird angle, but perfect for showcasing those eyes!  : )  

after lunch, he & mom went to WM & i went to mom's to read read read!
when they got back, he had to show me his new NINJA jacket.  
the hood kinda creeps me out, but he really likes it.  

we went to the family cook out at aunt nancy & uncle gene's.  bonfire!!
got to chat a little w/ a bunch of aunts & uncles & cousins, eat some yummy food stuffs, and have some warm apple cider.  huzzah!
sadly, for some reason, i didn't take any pictures.  *boggle*  my phone was in my pocket.... idk!  

anyway, it was a nice, blessed day!!  


Friday, September 20, 2013


i feel like i have not written in forever!  it hasn't really been that long, but for awhile i was back in the habit of daily posts.  however, this week has been a little "meh."

it hasn't been a bad week - well, other than being sick on monday, but monday was also the day that i read Wait For You & it punched me so hard in the emotions that i think i'm just now recovering.  of course, then the next couple of books i read were either disappointing or meh, and that didn't help!  i was soooo excited about Love Overdue, and then ... phhht.  it just sorta fizzled.  

anyway.  the big brother finale was wednesday, and i wasn't as excited about that as i normally am, either.  contributing to the botheration of the week, i think.  i mean, i am glad that andy won over GM, because - if his answers were accurate & that really was his strategy all season, then KUDOS to him & he deserved to win.  however, i'm not sure that it was really so much a thought-out strategy as much as a case of being good at clinging to the ppl who were in power.  *ponder*  of course, it worked for him - he was trusted by everyone & never was targeted, so... yeah, i think he deserved it.

coffee.  this week has consisted of lots of coffee.

decided to play (approved) hooky (vacation) this afternoon.  
had lunch w/ friends (extra crispy bacon & yummy fries!).
went to BAM to search for The Edge of Never - except i couldn't remember the title, or the author, and apparently hadn't put it on my goodreads list yet, so that did not work.  i did, however, find two other books, and in the bargain shelf, even.  $5, baby!  woot!  
bret texted while i was in BAM & needed a ride, but not for 45 minutes, so i shopped around a bit.  looked for a bookmark for stephen - um.  what happened to bookmarks?!  idk, but i didn't find any that appealed.  or, rather, that i though would appeal to a 10 year old boy!  
gave in & went to target to get the book (cuz i'd seen it there yesterday, but didn't realize it was the one i wanted).  also needed to get some mailers so i could send out books to stephen & kathryn.  now just need to find bookmarks!  oh, and i also got sucked in to a package of pens.  

i picked bret up & dropped him off at his destination.
he's good ppl, my dearest cousin-brother!

then i came home to READ!  : ) 
finished Renegade.  other than a few annoyances & EDITING ERRORS (seriously, i am so disappointed with the amount of editing errors in books anymore.  *sigh*), it was good.  i enjoyed it a lot & DIDN'T skip around, which lately has been the mark of a good book.

read maryse's post about new releases & found about 6 more books to add to my wishlist.  
next allowable time to buy more books from amazon is at the end of the month.  
also, the books i ordered earlier STILL HAVEN'T SHIPPED!  
what the what?
ship, please?!  
: ) 


idk, but it's midnight & i'm tired & i'm going to start this & then hit the hay!

tomorrow aunt nancy & uncle gene are having a bonfire cookout thingy, so that should be nice!  

what're you up to this weekend?
and what have you been reading??  : ) 


Monday, September 16, 2013

i won...

the DA award for today.  *laugh*  i knew today was going to be my bad day, but i really didn't want to miss work.  between vacation & being sick, i think i've been gone more than there this month.  so i got up & got dressed & got coffee & went to work.  and immediately turned around to come back home.  STUPID.  i know i can't be up & about on my bad days.  i know this.  but i didn't feel that badly when i got up, and i thought maybe, just maybe it would hold off until tomorrow, so i could at least get some things done after having taken the 1/2 day on friday.  no go.  so dumb.  

anyway, i should have gone back to bed once i got home, but i was up, so i just parked on the couch & read Wait For You (awesome, awesome, 10 stars, fabulous!  not quite what i was expecting, but so sweet & heartbreaking & healing & fantastic.  i find i can be okay w/ a lot of things as long as there is an HEA, but those things have to be done RIGHT.  jennifer armentrout did it RIGHT.  thumbs up!  can't wait to read the next one, Be With Me.  :)  

one thing, tho - the book is written by jennifer l. armentrout, writing as j. lynn.  i'm not sure i understand the point of that?  i mean, i get pen names, and having different pen names for different genres.  but ... i don't get having a pen name if you're advertising it as yourself, also?  if any of my bookie friends has an explanation, please share!  (bookie as in reading, not bookie as in betting.  shiloh, i know you don't know anything about authors or books!  *wink*)  

so, now i've finished this amazing book & i'm still a semi-prisoner to this bad day BS, but i am STARVING and i really want MEAT but the only way i'm going to get that is to brave going out.  *sigh*  meh.  maybe i'll just eat some oh-so-healthy chips.  

anywhoodle!  idk what i'm reading next.  decisions, decisions... Love Overdue, maybe?  or i might go back to Broken Heart, OK, now that i finally have the missing book... we'll see.

that's my DA story.  ttfn.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ihop, you hop


i love hanging out w/ mom & leyton.  they went to the zoo afterwards, but i'm still in recovery mode (seriously, can all this crap just be over already?!).  plus, bret wanted to come over & clean out his room, so i picked him up & let him have at it.  he also did my dishes while he's here, how sweet!  : )  

tomorrow, mom, leyton & i are going to lunch at mongolian grill.  haven't been there in a couple years, and i miss it!  love that place!  : )  

reading Born of Night & enjoying the nice weather.

what're you up to today?  : ) 


Friday, September 13, 2013

skinny jeans

- this post has nothing to do w/ skinny jeans.  i'll likely never wear skinny jeans.  that's probably a good thing?

- the plan was to work 6:30 - 11:30, go to lunch w/ some friends, then come home to read & veg.  instead, i worked 7-11 (i woke up on time, then closed my eyes for five minutes & an hour later opened them.  LOL).  we decided to change lunch to next week.  i got quite a lot accomplished in my 4 hours at work, so i was pretty happy w/ it!  

- adolph's for lunch.  oh, adolph's tacos.  yummy!  and that red salsa (which i didn't have any of today) is delish!!

- finished REAL.  intense, intense, in tense!  and, um, lots of sex.  perhaps just a smidge too much sex?  i mean, i get it.  they are attracted to each other and they have sex.  A LOT.  so, that's fabulous, but i don't need a play by play EVERY TIME THEY HAVE THE SEX!  *laugh*  but, getting past that, their emotional connection was quite epic.  katy did a great job of writing that.  so.  rah.  and, i am still eagerly awaiting the sequels, MINE and REMY ... and i think there are two more?  idk, i tried to look on goodreads & there was a malware warning (hooray for computer security!) so i'll have to look later.  

Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)Real by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this story so emotionally wrecked me, i might need two recovery books. : ) so worth it!

View all my reviews

- decided Born of Night would be my recovery book.  it's intense & emotional, as well, but it's familiar.  : ) 

- met kris for dinner at hickory garden.  gyro breakfast, yummy!  we talked about maybe going to vegas over shutdown.  that would be awesome!  it'd be fun to go w/ a friend rather than by myself, ya know?!  even tho i love traveling by myself, vegas just seems like one of those places that is more fun to experience w/ other ppl.  *laugh*

- chai latte from the panera after dinner.  cuz i was gonna get coffee, but i'd had 3 diet pepsi's at dinner & thought maybe tea would be a better option.  : )  

- ummm...  i got distracted just now by jill on fb & then the goodreads thing, so idk what else i was going to write about today!  *laugh*  anyway, happy happy happy it's the weekend!  


Thursday, September 12, 2013


this book!
this book is ripping my heart out. 

i'm a little over 1/2 way through, and i am sort wishing i'd taken the whole day off tomorrow instead of just the afternoon, because i want to stay up all night until i finish the book.  and then i know i'll be chomping at the bit for the sequel (MINE).  agh!

i don't normally like angsty books.  i get seriously irritated.  i tend to not even read them if a review says they're angsty, or hints that it's a big part of the storyline.  idk if no one mentioned it in the reviews of this story, or if the premise was just too tempting to resist, but i'm GLAD that i'm reading it.  it's ... well, i was getting super annoyed w/ it there for a bit.  brooke's one track mind full of lust is seriously a little bit unnerving.  i mean, i'm all for objects of desire & everything, but she's a little over the edge!  
but then, she finally gets remy to open up a little, and i was already swooning over his control and his not wanting to give in to her (cuz he's a guy, and who does that?), and then ... full on major swoon factor going on!  

in other, non-book news of the day... 
my friend linda is retired, but has a baking business of sorts, and she makes DIVINE cupcakes & cakes, and i ordered a lemon berry cake.  it was small, but still didn't want to take the whole thing home & devour it (obvs), so i shared w/ my team at work.  : )   

i had a little blurb about daddy i was going to share, but i posted that on fb instead, so i will just say that right now i'm struggling w/ some things, and am very thankful for my friends & family & co-workers.  your words of encouragement really help me.  i still struggle, and things are still hard some days.  but knowing that i can SAY that, and that y'all will understand & send me prayers & words & support... it means a lot, and i'm very very blessed.  so, thank you!!

and i know i chatter on about my books, and that some books (like this one) i share a lot of as i'm reading them, but they help, too.  especially when they make me laugh and make my heart swell, but even when they make me cry.  they offer an emotional outlet that i don't get elsewhere.  my co-workers are all married (or soon to be so) and often share stories about their husbands, and a couple of them are expecting, and some days ...  i can't finish that thought.  anyway.  i'm happy for them, and i like hearing about their families.  

music is another favorite outlet, and i know recently i've been semi-promoting five finger death punch.  their new album has GREATLY helped me a lot recently (along w/ the usual shinedown, yanni, three days grace, phil collins, etc...).  two of my favorite songs on the new album, M.I.N.E. and Watch You Bleed i just keep playing over & over again.  (yes, there's swearing in the 2nd one.)(also, the 2nd one seems really violent, but ... idk, it's almost mournful, and it just makes me feel better.)(i think you should see if you can listen to them online, so you can hear the music w/ the lyrics & maybe enjoy them, too!)  : ) 

"M.I.N.E (End This Way)"
Everybody hurts
Everybody bleeds
Everybody bends to fill a need
Everybody's born with their own curse
And I'm not alone

Everybody cries
Everybody breaths
Everybody wants to feel they're free
Deep inside I know what I am worth
A life of my own

It could have been much worse
But it should have been better

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way

Everybody pains
Everybody grieves
Everybody's making off like thieves
Every soul's aching for release
You're not alone

Everybody lives
Everybody leaves
Everybody begs best on their knees
Everybody's got the same disease
No one's alone

It could have been much worse
But it should have been better

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both know
It would always end this way

Knew it'd end this way
We knew it'd end this way

I know I'd hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
'Cause I knew you'd disappear

I just can't compromise, apologize
There's nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way

"Watch You Bleed"

I'd give anything just to cut you free.
I'd give blood just to watch you,
(Just to watch you) BLEED!

I see through you and all your lies.
You are everything that I despise.
You won’t take shit when you leave.
What the hell do you want from me?

I'm over it, so over it, this is goodbye!
I'd give anything just to cut you free.
I'd give blood just to make you,
Just to watch you BLEED!

I know you better then you do.
I'm to ** blame, so are you.
It won’t kill me to watch you leave.
What the ** do you want from me?

I'm over it, so over it, this is goodbye.
I'd give anything just to cut you free.
I'd give blood just to make you,
Just to watch you BLEED!

(Just to make you, Just to watch you)
(Just to make you, Just to watch you)

I'd give anything, just to cut you free.
I'd give blood, just to make you,
Just to watch you BLEED!

I'd give anything, just to cut you free.
I'd give blood, just to make you,
Just to watch you BLEED!

I'd give anything, just to cut you free.
I'd give blood, just to make you,
Just to watch you BLEED!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

unexpectedly adding to my signed books collection

felt better today than yesterday.  voice is still froggy & coughs & sneezes are still there.  but i think they're reducing even more, so hooray for that!  i really enjoyed If He's Wicked, and wanted to read at lunch, but we had a team lunch.  which was fun & yummy (subway)(& just the slightest bit awkward).  but all day, i kept thinking about my book, because i knew i wasn't going to get to read until i got home.  some stories - even when i love them - i can push to the back of my mind while i'm at work, even if i know i have lunch or dinner plans & won't get to read for awhile.  but this one... it stuck to my ribs, man!!  (and i did finish it tonight.  love love love hannah howell!!)  

(next is Real by katy evans - will be my first fighter novel, but there are several on my wishlist at the amazon!)

today was books in the mail day.  i simply ADORE books in the mail day!!  : ) natch!

Safe and Sound by lindy zart waited for me btwn my screen door & front door.  then, before i went to mom's for BB, i picked up my mail & had a box from the amazon.  (the website, not the jungle.  LOL)  i didn't open it right away (i mean, i know what books i bought.  um.  no, really, i totally don't usually know which books are coming when, even when i am tracking them!).  

watched BB (such highs!  such lows!!) & then when i got home i ripped into my box of joy.  i discovered that one of my books was, unexpectedly, a signed first edition!  

well.  shoot!  i love when things like that happen!  : )  

so!  oh!  also, in more book related news, i think i found the series of rock star books that i was looking for w/o knowing what i was looking for.  The Beaumont Series by heidi mclaughiln.  thanks to maryse for that!

and now i must go start Real before i hit the hay.  that means NO MORE WISH LISTING tonight!  yeesh!  *laugh*


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

so, today...

i'm still coughing, but it's better.

btwn that & the heat (UGH) i was feeling meh & drained, so i decided to take the afternoon off.

i went to BAM & bought 4 books.  : ) 

then i went to target for some groceries & to pick up REAL by katy evans.  and also starbucks.

i entered a contest for the 10th anniversary of the Argeneau series by lynsay sands.  you should enter, too.  i posted the link on my FB.  : ) 

last night i finished Lick & it was even better the 2nd time!  david & ev... top 10!  

carrie's top 10 books/couples for 2013 (so far)
(in no particular order)
Ian & Beth - The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley
Tiger & Carly - Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley
David & Evelyn - Lick by Kylie Scott
Logan & Emily - Tall, Tatted and Tempting and Smart, Sexy and Secretive by Tammy Falkner
Lincoln & Sara - Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart
Jake & Aubrey - Battlescars by Sophie Monroe
Styxx & Bethany - Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sebastian & Annelise - Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn
Caden & Mackenna - Hearts In Darkness by Laura Kaye
Owen & Megan - North of Need by Laura Kaye

i feel bad even listing a top 10, because it tends to change and there were too many vampire couples from lynsay, kerrelyn & amanda for me to pick one, which is why caden & mackenna and Seb & anne made it, because i couldn't pick the vampires!!!  agh.  now i feel guilty for listing them, but i'm keeping it up.  will be interesting to see how it changes/if it changes by december...  :D   

now i'm reading If He's Wicked by hannah howell.  i've been distracted by reading articles online since i got home, but will get into it more in about 10 minutes when i put the puter on to charge.  heh.  

i'm meeting trish for dinner at applebee's at 4.  steak & salad sounds nummy!  altho i might get steak & fries instead.  i haven't had fries w/ ranch in awhile, and i sorta have a craving.  mmmm.  

how's your day been?  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

characters calling

today i was supposed to hang out w/ leyton, but since i am still sick, mom volunteered to hang out w/ him so i could rest.  i missed the little dude, but was very grateful for the extra recoup time!!  

i finished Battlescars, which i really, REALLY enjoyed & am looking forward to reading the other books in the series,  the typos & whatnot were annoying, but the story was fab!  : )  then i read Dead Sexy by amanda ashley, and it was very good!  not my favorite of hers, but a keeper nontheless.  (there has only been one of hers that i hated, and i can't even remember the name of it, but i did note it in my book log so i'll be sure not to read it again.  oye.)  

now, i'm reading Lick again, even tho i just read it last month.  when the characters call to me, i can only resist for so long under the reasoning that i have SO MANY NEW BOOKS to read!  *laugh*  really, my library is such a mess right now - am hoping to have the drive & energy to work on it next weekend.  : )  

and yes, i do have about 5 books that i'm still waiting to be delivered, not counting the pre-orders which will be delivered as they release... *grin*  

aside from all the reading, i did go over to mom's to watch BB & i was enjoying seeing what all happened btwn mccrae winning the HOH on double eviction night & his reasoning for putting up elissa & stuff.  mom was not pleased w/ all that "backhashing" cuz she wanted to see new stuff.  i was like, but this IS new stuff - we didn't get to see it all during the live show!!!  : )  

and that's my update for today.  i'm going to read for 1/2 an hour & then SLEEP!  : ) 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

stages of a cold

my colds (all colds?) follow a certain pattern.  
in the beginning, it's a scratchy, sore throat & watery eyes.  i feel not quite right, but not poorly.
next, the stuffy/runny nose starts.  i still don't understand how a nose can be both stuffy AND runny.  wouldn't you think if it's runny it would be easy to clear out?  (gross, sorry.)
then, there's the coughing.  as observed on thursday, sometimes this can get so bad that others fear for my safety & think i must feel just awful & send me home.
normally on these days, i feel perfectly fine, except when i cough, which does hurt.
after the coughing has died down - still there, but not every time i think about talking or laughing, at least - that is when i truly start to feel drained and also usually when my taste buds desert me for a couple days.

i think the dormant taste buds may be the worst part of the cold.  
i do not enjoy being a stuffy headed ninny muggins by any means, but at least in my misery i know that a luscious drink of OJ or piece of chocolate (NOT TOGETHER) will make me feel briefly better.
when i can't taste anything (but i can breathe, at least!) it's very disconcerting.  
i'm hungry for some chocolate.  however, i won't be able to taste it, so why waste the calories/carbs.  but then i think, what if i CAN taste just this bite?  
alas, i cannot.

then, i think about the ppl who suddenly lost their sense of taste for good.
please, Lord, let my sense of taste come back!  how long does this normally last?  was it two days or three last time?  oh, i can't remember!  when do i start to panic?!!

yeah.  it's not a pleasant time when my taste buds go on vacation.

and today, i am feeling drained and like i just want to be curled up on the couch (which i am, currently) and i don't want to get dressed and i don't want to leave the house.  and i still have this barking cough, tho again, not every time i talk, just every once in awhile i get this tickle & i have to cough & it lasts 30 seconds & sounds like a seal.
not a sexy navy SEAL.  

but i can't stay home, because my cousin sammy is getting married & i am going to her reception!  at least, that's the plan right now

hope you're having a crud-free saturday!!


Friday, September 6, 2013


feeling better.  taste buds were wonky today, tho.  

met becks for dinner at the machine shed & actually was able to taste most of my cod dinner, so that was a bonus!  :)  good to catch up as always!  also got to chat w/ april a bit today, always welcome!!!  : ) 

peterson family farmers - youtube them now.  management made the awesome decision to show one of their videos at the top of our morning meeting, and i'm hooked!

finished Smart, Sexy and Secretive - it was WONDERFUL!  really, really like logan & emily.  top 10.  totally top 10 couple for 2013.  love!!

next book is julia quinn's the secret diaries of miss miranda cheever (it's book one - i've read this trilogy all out of order!  book 3 was Ten Things I Love About You, book 2 was What Happens in London, and this is book 1.  *laugh*  so, i read them backwards!!  but enjoyed the other two immensely (rereads for sure!) so i know this will be a fun ride! 

i wanted to pre-order a book on amazon, and then i ordered a couple more, and then of course once again JUST as i submitted the order i read a review of one other book on my wish list & it makes me want to read it rightnow & i have to wait til next month's order.  (bwahahahaha!  next month.  i'll be lucky if i resist the urge to buy more books until next pay day!) (heh)

anywhoo!  hope you've had a great friday!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

be a blessing

the other day, while at WM getting groceries, i heard the wail of an unhappy child.  i recognized that wail from last year or so when leyton had a melt down in the movie section.  i turned down the aisle with the child - a boy much younger than leyton, maybe 2 or 3, sitting in the cart, crying his eyes out.  his mom (or aunt or babysitting) was being very calm but trying to firmly tell him to stop, essentially.  i didn't make a conscious decision to say anything, but i'm me, and so i did.  : )  

i was just "aunt carrie" & said, "oh, i've been there!  but mine was older and wouldn't stay in the cart! *laugh*"  the little boy quieted down when i started talking, so i thought i'd try employing the arts of surprise & distraction, to maybe give the mom (or aunt or babysitter) a brief moment of peace.  i asked if he was having fun shopping & told him how lucky he was that he got to have someone push him around the store.  he looked at me w/ big eyes & then looked at his mom/aunt/sitter and his face wrinkled up & she said he was tired & i said, "oh, i understand that!"  he quieted again.  "i would like to take a nap, too!"  i smiled at them & the boy stayed quiet & looked happier & i trollied away.  she thanked me quietly, and i gave everyone a little wave & walked slowly away when i got around the corner.  

the little boy didn't start crying/yelling again while i was w/in earshot, so hopefully they were able to do the rest of their shopping in peace.  : )  

you never know when just the smallest thing will touch someone.  
be kind to everyone, because a little bit of kindness takes you 3 seconds & can make someone's entire day better.

because i send out memorials at work, i quite often get thank-you cards, or calls, or emails.  the cards are easy - no response required, ya know?  emails are sometimes hard because i WANT to respond, but "you're welcome" seems so trite when someone is thanking you for sending them a note when someone has passed away.  phone calls are both the hardest and the sweetest, because the person in LIVE and thanking me / the company, and again "you're welcome seems ... idk.  

but today i received a thank you email that just really touched my heart.  so much so that i forwarded it on to my bosses to let them know how happy i am to work for a company that honors its retirees and employees in this way, and that i get to be a part of that process.  

one small kindness can touch someone.  it can make their lives better.
small kindnesses make my life better.w

praise the Lord!  : ) 


and now i really should get to bed!  i'd wanted to be in bed an hour ago, but alas, that did not happen!

my bosses sent me home at noon because we had a meeting at 11:30 & i couldn't stop coughing (somewhat violently sometimes) every time i tried to talk or laugh!  it was that horrible barky cough.  and it HURT!  but i felt okay, other than when i coughed & then that made me tired.  and i was trying not to pull a stomach or boob muscle!!  *laugh*  i'd already made the decision that i should go home after the meeting, but it was funny (and sweet!  that they cared!) when one of them was like, "no offense, but you're making ME hurt.  go home.  get some rest."  heh.  really, that gave me a warm fuzzy, even as i was irritated by the coughing and the fact that i REALLY had wanted to get some stuff done!  boss was like, "the work will most definitely be there tomorrow!"  which, of course, and when i truly feel horrid, i don't have a problem coming home early, but i sounded worse than i felt.  

still, i was happy to be home where i didn't have to talk to anyone for several hours!!  
i went through quite a lot of tissues, took some meds, finished my Wolf book.

oh!  and waiting for me by the door?
Smart, Sexy and Secretive
by Tammy Falkner
so of course that is what i'm reading now.  i'm about 1/2 way through.
i would like to stay up & read, but am going to bed as soon as i finish this blog!!  
SSS is the 2nd part of Logan & Emily's story from Tall, Tatted and Tempting.  i LOVE these characters, love this story, the writing, just everything about it!  : )  not sure why it had to be split into two books, but hey, i plunked down my $14 to have them both, so there ya go.  : )  they're worth it!!

went to mom's for the BB double eviction.  poor, poor mccrae!  he almost had a chance!  well, i guess he still does... he could still pull it off.  maybe!

my voice is still scratchy, but i'm not coughing every time i speak (yes, i've tested it out on the cat).  i tried to talk to phil while at mom's & the coughing was still happening.  but mom had some cough syrup, so i took some & it seems to have helped.  of course, that was 3 hours ago & it only lasts for 4, so we'll see how i am in the middle of the night!
either way, tho, i will be going to work!  we have meetings tomorrow, and i have lunch & dinner plans... altho i'm not sure i'll be able to taste the food... 


there might have been more i was going to write about, but i REALLY need to go to bed!
there will be a pumpkin spice frapp calling my name in the morning, and i want enough time to get it before work!!  : ) 

have you read anything fabulous lately?  you know my list!!
Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo
What Happens in London (seriously, this one was SO CUTE!)

: ) 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


i don't understand how my nose can be all stuffed up and running at the same time.  
i would think this to be an impossibility, yet the proof is in my stuffed up and runny nose.
i don't get it.
i like it even less.

so, other than having this weather-induced headcold, today went pretty well.  got up on time & made it to the gas station AND starbucks.  and work on time.  
win win win!
i was pretty spot on w/ my email guess - i had about 400 in one box, 35 in the 2nd & only 7 in the 3rd.  once i got through all the "delete right aways" the 400 reduced to about 70.  woot!  most of those were timecard related.  

at lunch i got to help a pair of gentlemen w/ excellent hard rock/metal musical tastes find the jimmy john's.
and also read a bit.
: ) 

got to text chat w/ april a bit today & that's always a blessing!
BB is getting suuuuper interesting, too.  
mom even made it home for tonight's episode, so that was nice - except she reallly does not like amanda or andy.  *laugh*  

ugh.  i am feeling slightly better than miserable, hoping that i'll feel better tomorrow, but thinking i'm probably going to hit a bad stage of this before it gets better.  *sigh*  i did get fruit & sinus meds at the store after work, so at least i have that going for me.  also, chocolate donuts.  Yum!  

gonna read a bit more of A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing & then hit the hay.  


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

book fate

i love when things like this happen:

i read reviews of Terry Spear's wolf shifter series on a couple different sites, and added a couple to my wishlist at amazon.  (sidenote: amazon is dangerous!  lol  my wishlist grows faster than i purchase, for sure!)  i put A Seal In Wolf's Clothing into my cart on one of my last group buys.

saturday, when i returned to town from atlanta, i stopped at the book rack just to check in - and because it's right next to starbucks & you know i was getting some starbucks!  : )  so, i saw there were a few terry spear books, and i picked one out randomly - To Tempt The Wolf.  i read part of the back & it was interesting, so i bought it.  added it to my piles in the library.  read it today.  decided to read A Seal... next.

now, this series has idk how many books in it, but at least 8.  and of course they're all connected, but here's where the book fate concept comes in - this one is about the sister of the hero of the last one!  like, i could have picked any two & happened to pick these two!  

or, like, when i randomly pick up a book that i don't know is connected to anything else, and i start reading it & realize - i know these characters, not because i've read the book before, but because it IS connected to another story.  

or, when i find out that the book i've read HAS connecting stories, that it's part of a series & i didn't even know (like the love at stake series by kerrelyn sparks or the argeneau series by lynsay sands.  even the dark-hunter series - when i started these, i started somewhere in the middle & didn't know there were connected books until later.  love it!!)

see?  book fate!  

does that make sense?  idk, maybe you have to be as nutty as i am to get it, but i thought it was super neat!


so, sadly, my week of vacation is coming to a close.  back to work tomorrow!  back to getting up at 5:30 & that will be hard!  hopefully not really.  *laugh*  but i do have to go to bed before 2 AM!!  and i am wondering how many emails i'll have.  yesterday was a holiday, so everyone was off, but i was gone for 2 1/2 whole work days, so... 400 wouldn't be unreasonable, as long as most of them are "junk" mail - not true junk mail, but read receipts & the like from automatic emails.  ya know?  yeah.  should be interesting at any rate!!  : ) 

i spent today reading (duh!) & more wishlisting & blog reading & fbing... it was a very nice day!  

i hope you're having a stellar week!!