Sunday, August 18, 2013

the ppl you meet

today was quite nice - finished Mine Till Midnight & started Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D'Alessandro (one of my favorite historical authors - i'm also fond of her contemporaries!).  : )   mostly a quiet day of reading.  : )  

i went to mom's for BB - it was actually a pretty interesting edit!  

on my way home, i had to stop at the kwik shop.  except at the last minute i decided to turn left into the casey's instead.  and whom should i run into but the very tall usher from my cousin bub's wedding!  i think his name is dom, but i'm not 100% on that.  we had a nice little chat.  (my cousins are blessed with very friendly friends!)  

the thing is - i wasn't expecting to stop anywhere, and certainly not to see anyone i knew (even peripherally).  so i was ... how shall we say? ... not fully dressed.  d'oh!  there was a time this would be a source of embarrassment for me.  i must be maturing or something, because while i did have a twinge of "eep!" i wasn't actually very fussed about it.  now, would the same have been true if it were mr crushtastic i ran into in such a state?  (ha!  who am i kidding?  it wouldn't matter if i was dressed to the 9's - if i every run into mr crushtastic out in public, i'd probably turn bright red and lose all sense of intelligence.  LOL)

anyway!  that's my story for today.  aren't you glad i shared?  ; ) 


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