Monday, August 12, 2013


happy monday!!!!

i finished Any Way You Want It (good!) & have started The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown - first story is One True Love by Suzanne Enoch & so far i'm enjoying it.  : )  i'll finish it before i hit the hay.  tomorrow will be Two Hearts by Karen Hawkins.  

was a pretty good day at work.  mostly email & timecard issues, a meeting that went really well, and catching up on vacations (have to finish those tomorrow!).  there was an accident close to work, bicycle vs car.  i'm not sure if it was fatal.  :(  i've almost hit kids (teens) on bikes coming out of restaurants.  it's so scary!  but PTL i haven't hit anyone.  i pray for both these ppl & their families.  yikes!

went to WM after work for groceries - and the new 5FDP album!  they use the 'f' word a lot, which is why i like to get these CD's from WM.  they don't manage to edit out every swear word, but they do a pretty good job of it, and then i can enjoy singing along w/o feeling like i'm cursing like a sailor.  usually i just feel like a mild sea captain.  LOL  or something.

and the big news, before i go back to my book - God is good!  i'm booked for atlanta!!!!  i'm staying in the hotel where the Styxx launch party is happening, on a high floor, and while it's more expensive than i would normally pay for a room for one night, I DON'T EVEN CARE!  I'M GOING TO MEET SHERRILYN KENYON!!!!

i seriously am so excited, scared, nervous, happy, thankful, blessed, oh my heck!  please, please, please keep me in prayer not only for traveling mercies & a safe trip, but that i will be surrounded by nice, friendly ppl; that my coping mechanisms will work and i won't have a panic attack; that when i do meet sherri, i have the presence of mind to sound like ME and not a babbling fangirl.  

not that there's anything wrong w/ being a babbling fangirl.  i'd just rather be coherent than babble... mmmkay?  : )  

and, hey, if i have a friend in the area who is a fan of sherri's that i don't know about, and would like to join me on the trip, let me know!  *laugh*  

happy monday, party peeps!!  


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  1. oh yeah, just for the sake of recording it - weird dreams last night. one involved someone calling me & then jumping off a building (it was a longer storyline, but that's the gist of it); one involved daddy, which was cool, til he put on some mad scientist glasses & went a bit goofy...; and one involved getting to pet a sea turtle (which was a present from my non-mad-scientist dad) & swim w/ leyton - in an aquarium...

    these dreams all happened in the span of 3 hours, cuz i couldn't get to sleep last night. hopefully the excitement - while still awesome! - won't keep me up again tonight! *laugh*



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