Sunday, August 25, 2013


it's 1AM.
i should go straight to bed.  i'm certainly tired enough!!  LOL

today was quite nice!  read Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home & loved it!!!  this was book 4, and i was slightly disappointed in books 2 & 3 - they were good, but not enough of the male lead, IMO.  i don't have book 5, so i need to get that... meanwhile, i'm re-reading Tiger Magic, because Tiger has been calling to me lof late.  i think i'll be re-reading Lick soon, too... : ) 

so, i picked up some coffee & then anthony at 2:30 & we headed to cedar rapids for the concert.  the venue was really easy to find, parking garage was $10 (not terrible) & our seats were awesome!!  
we as human did a great job.  anthony got their autographs.  : ) 
in this moment, i really don't like their stage show.  they're very talented, musically & choreographically, but their show is just very sexual, and i think they could tone it down a bit.  just because you're a female rocker doesn't mean you have to be 1/2 nekkid.  IMO!  
papa roach was good, their music selections kicked butt!  but their performance was a little ... phoned in.  just didn't seem as energetic as last time, but i still enjoyed it!  
skillet was pretty good.  anthony liked them best.  : )  i thought they had their bass too high for most of the songs.  if i can't understand what you're singing WHEN I KNOW THE WORDS, then your bass is too high, i'm sorry.  but their media was AWESOME and they love the Lord lots and their song selection was good, so i forgive them the bass.  LOL

and then, the headliners, SHINEDOWN!  this is a different tour, but not a different album, than when we saw them in february, so it was much the same show as then.  which was perfectly fine w/ me since i enjoyed the february show so much that i wanted to see them again!  heh.  they are AMAZING and AWESOME and i would totally follow them around & see the show every week if i could afford to!!  : )  

so, there ya go!  : )  my ears are still ringing, tho, which is kinda discombobulating!  *laugh*  

i'm going to read a chapter or two & then hit the hay!  thankfully i don't have to be to work til 11.  PTL for vacation time!!  tuesday i'm working a full day & then wednesday it's another 1/2 day & then the next road trip!!!  *bounce*  


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