Sunday, August 11, 2013


idk why this popped into my head today, or where it came from...

He turned to look at her with a serious expression.
"Here's the thing.  I'm a vampire..."
"Oh."  She stared at him before continuing.  "How disappointing."
He laughed.  "Disappointing?"
"Well, for you.  I'm anemic.  I wouldn't make a good snack for you at all."
He laughed again.  "I tell you I'm a vampire and you're worried about being a good snack?"
"I'm sorry, I've never met someone who thought they were a vampire before.  What's the appropriate response?"
"Normally, it's a bit more...panicked."
"Do you tell people often that you're a vampire?"
"Usually I don't tell them, exactly."
And suddenly, he actually had FANGS, and his eyes took on a peculiar sheen, and she knew her first thought that he was delusional was the least of her worries.
She squeaked, eyes going wide.
"That's more of the reaction I'm used to."

who ARE these ppl?  why are they in my head?  why did he even tell her he was a vampire?  what are their names?  usually when scenes pop into my head, they're from books i've read not just random things i've made up.  i mean, i used to write stories - i used to fancy that i could WRITE.  that's not it - i know i can write, i just would rather write my own random thoughts and let other ppl write stories for me to enjoy.  (and if i ever did want to actually publish something not-a-blog, i would certainly have an editor & beta readers & all that jazz before i even thought of sending it out into the world at large!  LOL)  


anyway!  i'm not even reading about vampires today, but lycans.  The Wolf Who Loved Me - it's apparently book 5 in a series, and i'm enjoying it so far.  if it keeps up this level of potential, i'll have to find the rest of the series, i think!  : )  that's what happened when i picked up book 5 in the Warriors of Poseidon series by Alyssa Day anyway.  *laugh*  

yesterday was fun!  read for awhile (Julie Anne Long's The Spy Who Loved Me was very, very enjoyable!!), picked up bret & we met mom at IHOP for brunch.  that went mostly well.  *laugh*  then we went to see Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters.  it was good, but not great.  nathan fillion's scenes were great, tho!  :)  then it was starbucks & dropping bret at home & back to my book!  : )  

grammy's doing alright, but they're not sure if she'll be able to go back home.  please keep her in prayer!  she's doing PT throughout the day to build up her strength/pop the disc back in place or something.  

so, yeah.  back to my book!  the one i'm reading.  LOL 


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