Wednesday, August 28, 2013

road trip - STYXX book launch

so, as i MAY have mentioned, the book launch for STYXX by Sherrilyn Kenyon is happening tomorrow in atlanta, GA.  atlanta is about 13 hours from home, so i am stopping overnight in nashville, TN.  

i went to work today til 10:30 - had an activities committee meeting right before i left, which was fun.  our group is full of great ppl w/ lots of good ideas.  love going to those meetings!!  : )  

there was some sadness today - daddy would have been 67 today.  and, just before my meeting (which started an hour before i was set to leave & scheduled for longer, so i had to leave it early), i received a very sad email.  someone i work w/ quite often on timecard issues passed away unexpectedly yesterday, at home.  i can still hear his voice saying "hi carrie," in the same inflection every time i would call or he would call me.  he had an awesome, dry, ironic sense of humor, and we always commiserated with each other about the various things in the tech world or the HR world that annoyed/fascinated us.  i never got to meet him in person, and yet i will miss those phone calls; i will miss him.  *sigh*  

so, i was sad, but april - dear, dear, april!! - helped a lot.  

and also, starbucks and loud music on the road!  : ) 

the trip took about 10 hours, which is about an hour more than it "should."  but i got turned around a couple times & of course there were multiple rest stops to walk, get a snack or gas, and use the loo!  : )  so, really, i think i did pretty well.  various radio stations helped me out in the awesome music department by playing nickelback's Saving Me, Three Years Hollow's Chemical Ride (my FAVORITE song of theirs) and various other fun tumes.  *grin*  and i had Shinedown, 5FDP & Three Days Grace for the staticky times.  woot!  so thankful for the Lord's traveling mercies!  praying they continue on the trip to atlanta tomorrow.

along with the excitement is also the constant battle of anxiety.  i can put it out of my mind for a bit at a time, and when it runs around in my mind, i tamp it down.  i pray it through.  but it is still constantly there.  i will not, will not, will NOT let it beat me in this.  ppl keep mentioning atlanta traffic and downtown parking, and these things try to compete for more anxiety.  but i am praying for smooth traffic, and for clear parking signs like there were in cedar rapids on sunday.  i am praying for the confidence i pretend to feel when i walk into new places.  i am praying that the ppl will all be nice.  God is good, all the time, and He cares, even about the silly little things!  : )  

i had hoped to meet boo & bran for breakfast tomorrow, but i haven't heard back from them to arrange anything, so i'm not letting that be a source of anxiety.  it's trying.  but if i don't see them, i don't see them.  i can't worry about it.  i don't mean that in a cold way - i mean that i LITERALLY cannot let myself worry about it, because it would niggle at my mind and cause me to be unable to sleep or to feel bad or something.  so, my plan is to sleep til at least 8, maybe 9, head to the Parthenon to say hello and bask in the architecture, and then head on out.  if i get a response that boo and/or bran are available for breakfast or brunch, i'll work that in at the time.  as long as i'm on the road by 11, i should be good.      

and so, with that, i am going to read a bit of What Happens In London, and get my butt in the super comfy bed that i remember!  : )  

keep praying, please & thank you!  i appreciate it!!  stay tuned for tomorrow's update - HOPEFULLY there will be pictures... 


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