Saturday, August 31, 2013

road trip - after the party (sure, more pictures!)

since i had to leave the other post to put the puter on the charger (and also go over to mom's to hang out w/ leyton for a bit):

: ) 

(the only bad thing - i sat on the floor w/ him to play w/ the cars & somehow managed to dislocate my knee.  ugh.  i finally turned the right way for it to pop back into place, but oh my heck, it HURT!)

so!  back to yesterday - after the party, i headed up to my room.  ON THE FORTY-FIRST FLOOR!  (i know, i mentioned that earlier, but goodness!  how could i ever stay on a low floor ever again??)(heh)(no, really, how?!?!)

i hadn't eaten since 4, hadn't had caffeine since then, either.  and it was now 1 AM.  i did pretty well, not getting faint or a headache or anything - again, ALL GOD!  because normally, i have to eat something every few hours or it gets bad.  i cannot even begin to count the ways in which the Lord blessed me on this trip, but i will tell you i spent the whole of it saying THANK YOU to Him!!  

another blessing - 24 hour room service.  yes, i ordered room service at 1 AM.  

and it was delicious!!  caprisce (sp?) salad, rolls, and a glass of water.  i didn't order the water or the rolls, just came w/ the meal.  nice!  then i managed to read a bit & sank into bed around 2.  as i mentioned, the internet connection was spotty to non-existent, which made it difficult for me to connect to pandora or i heart radio for sleeping.  however, the white noise of the a/c, and the fact that i was EXHAUSTED, helped me sleep quite well for 7 1/2 hours.  or 6 1/2?  idk, i was well-rested at any rate.  the bed wasn't a hug like the Candlewood Suites beds.  it was a firmer mattress, but still comfortable.  and the sheets...!  ohhhh!  i want!  (but i don't want to pay the cost, so ... there ya go!  maybe someday!)

i was up & out of the hotel by 11.  the same gal who checked me in was there to check me out.  excellent customer service!  (not because it was the same person, but because she was super nice, AND she was excited about dragon*con.  *grin*)  i stopped at the bux in the hotel (IN THE HOTEL!) for a mocha lite frapp.  the lady in line behind me had a really kick ass blue hat on, which i had to compliment.  then she complimented Mr Bear, who rides in one of my bags w/ his head & arms poking out.  (he likes to see where he's going whenever possible.  LOL)

my plan was to go to the aquarium for a bit, but there were ppl EVERYWHERE (including the Joker.  dude did a bang up job on the costume & make up!!) and really as much as i didn't want to waste the opportunity since i was in town & didn't have an agenda... i was ready to hit the road.  i called the candlewood about a reservation for the night, but they were booked.  so then i thought i'd just drive til dark or something.  another beautiful day for a drive, for the most part.  there was a huge rain storm at one point, where i couldn't see anything & had my hazards on & only could go like 20 (everyone, not just me.  or mostly everyone.  the semis that went zooming past scared the shite outta me!).  thankfully, it only lasted a few miles & then it was cloudy but not raining like that.  at another point, there was a back up of some sort on the interstate, so i took an exit thinking i would find a loo before being stuck in traffic.  however, i ended up missing the turn for it & continuing down this mountain path that ran alongside the interstate.  i finally found a different gas station & loo, and then made it back on the interstate w/o having to backtrack!  super blessed!!  (also, i looked for postcards, but no one seemed to have them?!  *boggle*  i know it's a lost art & everything, but usually gas stations still have them!!)

when it started getting dark, i wasn't really tired so decided to just keep going.  at this point i only had 4 hours left til home, and thought i could just push through.  plus, the towns looked sketchy.  well, like - i'm sure the hotels would have been perfectly fine, but right off the interstate & when there's only one hotel and one restaurant and one gas station, they tend to charge more because they can.  so i wanted to stay somewhere w/ multiple options to keep the prices low.  : )  however, none were forthcoming... and then there were only 3 hours left, and i thought, really i can just push through!!  but, no.  i was getting punchy & my legs were protesting & oh then i stopped at this rest area that was super dark & creepy & i decided i really needed to stop at the next non-sketchy town.

so, i did.  i ended up in a town called litchfield or something like that, and checked in w/ cash at a super 8.  

 kentucky rest area.  pretty!

mr bear visits some town in IL.

the pillows weren't as fluffy as i like (actually, they were very, very thin!) but there were two beds, so i just stole the pillows from the other bed to make a comfy little nest!  : )  i read for a bit, but i was completely tuckered, so went to bed at 11:30 & slept pretty well!  got up at 8, finished What Happens In London (SO SWEET!) & thought about starting Styxx.  but i knew if i did that, i wouldn't make check out time!!

i left around 9:30, i think.  10?  something like that!  stopped at mcd's for breakfast - which they gave me the wrong thing & i thankfully noticed just before getting on the interstate!  so i went back in to exchange.  oye.  then i drove & drove & drove - this was actually the shortest leg of my journey, but if FELT like the longest!!  *laugh*  finally, finally rolled into town about 1 or 2 & my first stop was ... well, intended to be starbucks, but since it was right next to the book rack, and i wanted to see if they had a certain book... LOL  so i stopped in there & then went to the bux for a latte.  iced.  yummy!  

and there you go!  *laugh*  phil forgot to get my mail while i was gone (but he remembered to take care of angel, so i'm alright w/ the forgotten mail!), so i had a bunch of book deliveries.  woot!  

i decided to read Tall, Tatted and Tempting and then The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo before i dive into Styxx.  i didn't think i would be quite this intimidated by that book!!  it's hard to explain!  but, Lord willing, i WILL read it this weekend!  (i have through tuesday to get it done for it to count as this weekend.)  : )  

think i'll read a bit more & then SLEEP!  i am still wore out!  

but so worth it!  agh, such a blessed trip, thank You Jesus!!  : ) 


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