Sunday, August 4, 2013


i'm so grateful for this weekend!  the past four or five weekends have been non-stop go go go, with plans of some sort (out of town for two of them!) almost every single day.  i love having plans, hanging out, TRAVELING, of course!  but i also love my recharge time, my time to just be at home w/ nothing to do save read read read, and play online (i.e., catch up on blogs!).

so, today i read two really great books!  North of Need was a paranormaly book about snow gods & the like, and i am definitely getting the other books in the series.  the other book, Lick, was my first "rock star" romance, and of course was one that i was super excited about from the moment i read the synopses on maryse's blog!  the books were completely different stories, different writers, but had one thing in common that made them into favorites - the story was about two ppl who love each other, working through issues, but doing so mostly together.  both had moments of heart-wrenching, but not in the "i want to throw the book across the room" kind of way, which can still make for a great story, but tends to not be a re-read for me.  these will both be on the keeper/re-read shelves!!  :D  

i've been reading a lot of new authors, new books lately, so my next book is going to be a favorite re-read before jumping back into the new book fray!  it will be one of sherri's, and i'm debating if it will be Wren or Ravyn's book (Unleash the Night or Dark Side of the Moon).  :)  these are what i like to call my comfort books.  *laugh*  plus, wren & ravyn have both been shouting at me the past week or so.  i might actually have to read them both before i start my next new book, Dating Husbands by the dearly awesome lindy zart.  we'll see...!

anyway, i must go grab dinner & then head to mom's for BB.  please keep my grammy in prayer - she's in the hospital w/ a slipped or compressed disc, or some such thing, which is causing her a great amount of pain.  they can't operate, so are keeping her on heavy painkillers to get her to the point where she can do some PT & hopefully get better!  she was at least alert & up enough to play some hand in foot earlier, so that's a good thing!!  still, the last mom said, she was going to have to be in hospital for a couple weeks.  so, prayers are appreciated!!  


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