Friday, August 16, 2013


i like being recognized.  not that i want a fan following or anything - i can't imagine the pressure celebrities are under when they are constantly followed by paparazzi, when they can't necessarily just chat w/ the checker at their local grocery store without the possibility of an uncomfortable "fan encounter."  if everyone was polite, it would be different - i mean, when  you see someone you know, you stop to have a chat.  when you encounter someone on the street or in passing, you at least smile or say hello.  i think, if everyone treated celebrities this way - rather than trying to maul them or feeling like they "owe" everyone something... well, i just think it would be a better world.  

i have been thinking a lot about this particular subject lately because i'll be - and forgive me for gushing yet again, but i'm trying to get it out of my system - MEETING SHERRILYN KENYON in less than two weeks!!!!!!!  i'm trying to mentally prepare - not only for being in a new city, for being in a crowded ballroom full of ppl i don't know, not only that.  but also for meeting someone whom i have admired for years, someone who has made me laugh, love, and cry with the worlds she's created, someone who has helped me heal from things i don't often talk about.  i am going to be meeting her, i am going to stand in line and wait for my opportunity to say "thank you," and i don't want to blow it.  i want to be calm, respectful, friendly - but not overly familiar.  i don't want to cry or faint or ramble on & on & have to be dragged away by her staff for monopolizing her time.  there are going to be hundreds of ppl there who have their own admiration for her and stories to tell her and thank you's to give.  i don't want to take time away from anyone, but i don't want to regret NOT saying something to her when the evening is over, ya know?    

anyway, back to me, and being recognized.  *laugh*

i frequent the same places a lot.  the book rack, BAM, starbucks, various restaurants ... and i like when ppl remember me.  i remember them - but they are seeing potentially hundreds of ppl a day, whereas i only have to remember one of them.  ya know?  so, when the ppl there remember me, it gives me a warm fuzzy.  : )  when this happens after only the second time i see them... and they are a cute guy... *giggle*  we all know i'm boy crazy, anyway, right?  that warm fuzzy feeling gets a little like melted chocolate.  heh.  i like!  

that happened today at the starbucks, and it was nice.  it was especially noteworthy as this guy had been at a different store when he saw me the last time.  *laugh*  also, i tried something new - orange spice iced coffee.  the review - it's pretty good, but i think i prefer my hazelnut lattes... 

um.  what else?

happy it's the weekend!  grateful for the AWESOME, AMAZING ppl with whom i get to work.  enjoying South of Surrender quite a bit.  hoping that my "bad day" will hold off til saturday night, as i have plans to go bowling w/ juli & her family, and i'd really like to not have to cancel.  

how're you today?  what're you up to this weekend?  and also - if you've met someone famous that you admire, please share how you handled it!  or if you have any advice - i know i can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, and i just... i don't imagine that she'll remember me, amidst all the ppl she has met and will meet, but i just want to be a pleasant memory for her in that moment.  ya dig?  *laugh*


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