Wednesday, August 7, 2013

pie rush

village inn has this thing.  it's called pie rush wednesday.  you go in & get a free slice of pie!  only certain pies (today was raspberry lemonade & coconut cream & any fruit pie), but - a free slice of pie!!  erin & i went there for dinner & she had the lemon blueberry crepes & they were delish!  (i had bacon & fries - it was good, but they did not make the bacon crispy enough.  i don't understand how some cooks don't understand the order of EXTRA CRISPY.  burn it, ppl.  BURN IT!)  anyway, we got pie to go & i tried the raspberry & it is yummy!  (i must eat salad tomorrow for lunch/dinner.)

we stopped at a gas station for fountain soda/coffee before i dropped her back home, and there was a guy w/ this really awesome snake/skull tat on his arm & i almost gawked at it, but i held myself back.  barely.  seriously, i am just suddenly super attracted to tattoos.  part of it is because of some of my recent reads, but part of it is just ... hot.  *laugh*  idk.  


i was going to write more, but i just want to get back to my book, so i'll catch stuff up later.  1/2 a day tomorrow & then i'm off friday for a long weekend & i am STOKED!  i don't have any plans, so i am set to just read read read!  oh!  i did end up at the book rack this afternoon, speaking of.  lol  mr cute book rack guy is growing a mustache.  he's looking pretty adorable.  except that he was kinda flustered today & forgot to give me my credit.  grrrr.  i found some nice books & i suppose i'll see if they can re-credit me when i go in next time.  

anyway.  again.  lol


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