Saturday, August 3, 2013


no; i am not talking about kim kardashian & kanye west's daughter... 
altho i do like 'north' for a name, i think it was a little too ... 
for them to name her north when her last name is west.
just seems like asking for trouble!  lol  

ahh, today has been lovely!  i was up & out of the house at 8:30, i think.  9?  maybe.  actually, 9 would be more impressive, because i went to the bank ($20+ in change!!), kwik shop, mcdonald's, & target, and was home by 10!  i wanted starbucks, but really needed to get milk & bread, so target was the obvious answer!  also, got a nice salad for dinner tonight.  (except i ended up eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, so the salad will be lunch tomorrow.  even better!)

i bought this week's People to read about the new british prince & so read that when i got home.  sometimes i miss subscribing, but it was just getting to be a lot of the same stuff in the celeb world, so for now i'll stick w/ buying from the newsstand every once in awhile.  i really admire prince william & kate.  i love their romance, and they seem like levelheaded ppl, so i think their approach to parenting will continue to be levelheaded.  the world certainly needs more levelheaded leaders!!

i finished The Key - meh.  i mean, i liked it, but i didn't love it.
next is Laura Kaye's North of Need, which i AM loving!  it's been a quick, sweet, enjoyable story & i'd like to finish it before bed, but i have 100 pages left & my eyes are drooping, so idk if that will happen.  might have to wait til tomorrow!  i already know i'll be ordering the other 3 books in this series, tho!!  :)  

next is Lick.  yaaaaay!  : )  i wasn't expecting to even get it in the mail til tuesday, but a little voice (i love that little voice sometimes!) told me to check the mail today, and i did, and my books had already been delivered!!!  *bounce*  also in the mail today, a bookmark of lindy zart's Charmed.  AND she wrote a note to me on the back, so i think i can count that as another author autograph, even if it's not a book!  (i'm counting the autographed swag from kerrelyn sparks & alyssa day, as well, so there!  love it, thank you all!!)
(actual autographed books include favorite ppl/authors like - laura benedict, leigh michaels, susan fox, jacquie d'alessandro... love love!!)

and that covers it for today.  ppl are shooting off fireworks for some reason tonight.  random summer fireworks, or is there something else going on?  hmmm...

anyway, ttfn!!  : )    

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