Friday, August 2, 2013

love to laugh

bug guy showed up literally just as i finished getting dressed!  whew!  we had a nice chat about boxes, bacon, and Jesus.  it's amazing what kinds of things you can fit into a 1/2 hour conversation!  he's a good guy - i wish i could remember his name!  i want to call him jason or scott, but really i have no idea.  *sigh*  i hate not knowing ppl's names... i'll have to ask next quarter if it's the same guy.  he really loves the Lord, and that is always something that makes me happy!  

i was actually sorry to have to cut our chat short because i had to meet mom!

we saw pacific rim.  oh my heck - have you seen this?!  it's robots vs sea aliens.  i've never been into "monster movies."  i never really "got" Mothra or Godzilla or any of those types of films.  to me, they seem like extended Power Rangers episodes, ya know?  this movie reminded me of those kinds of films (deliberate nod to those?), but i LOVED IT!  it was sweet and actiony and hilarious!  idk if all the things i found hilarious were supposed to be hilarious, but i don't even care.  mom & i were laughing so hard at some points, i really felt like i should apologize to the ppl in front of us, but they left too quickly after the movie & i didn't have a chance.  there was one point where the robot guys were fighting w/ this velocea raptor (how do you spell that?) looking creature, and it unfurled this blue bulbous bubble from its neck and i just cracked the heck up!  it was GREAT!  it feels great to laugh, and it wasn't in a mean way or a "this is ridiculous" kinda way - i mean, it was ridiculous, but ridiculously awesome, IMO.  : )  

ahhh.  and now it's time for some reading (i didn't get to read earlier for the reasons mentioned earlier)!  : ) 

i do not actually have any plans for tomorrow.  can that even be possible?  i was busy EVERY WEEKEND in july... this is going to be nice!  i wonder how many books i can read if i have the whole weekend to do so??  : )  



  1. Having read just a few dinosaur books in the last few years... it's Velociraptor. :)

  2. thanks, jana! it looks better all one word like that!! lol


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