Friday, August 2, 2013

leaves & cranberries

i know it's still summer & all, but the recent cool-weather week we had has made me chomp at the bit for my favorite of all seasons, AUTUMN!  (or fall, as we sometimes call it...)  work was super fast today, and on a break outside i saw this deliciously muscled, tattooed guy.  he was also - FRIENDLY!  i love when guys are the whole package - attractive and friendly.  even tho i'm boy-crazy, i don't take friendly to mean interested.  i just take it to mean your family raised you right, to be polite and respectful of others.  i enjoy friendly respectful ppl of all ages, all sexes.  but this guy, i wouldn't have complained if friendly had equaled interested!  LOL  ; ) 

had a meeting at 11, which went a little late, but it was a good meeting.  then, it was time for bacon & fries w/ my friend casie!  they made 3/4 of the bacon perfectly crispy this time, too!  huzzah!  we don't get to do lunch as often nowadays, so it's always nice to hang out & catch up w/ her!  

after i dropped casie back at work, i headed out to the mall to see what i could use my bath & body works coupons on.  *laugh*  happily, i discovered they had some of their fall scents out.  *squeee*  my house now smells like Leaves & Cranberries.  hooray!  i was also going to stop at yankee & B&N, but decided to save that til later.  i have books coming from amazon (LICK, soon!!!) and i really would like to get some shelves organized before i get any more books... this resolve will likely last for another 3 days... *laugh*  (just so you're not surprised when i am talking about stopping at the book rack next week..)(or tomorrow)

my house is also slightly cleaner.  i hadn't vacuumed since before mason city, and i hadn't vacuumed the closet in ... i don't even know how long, so that is a clear indication it was time!!  i'd wanted to do some dusting, as well, and clean off the island laundry room... but after getting the dishes going, i was ready to read, so the dust will remain.  : )  

really, it's no wonder i'm not married.  among other reasons, i'm a horrible housekeeper.  and i'm not really fussed about it.  it's not dirty, just cluttered & messy &, well, not dusted.  *laugh*  and as long as it's clean it doesn't need to be clean.  at least, it doesn't keep me up at night... unlike my books!  

erm.  sometimes i think i should be embarrassed confessing things like that, but i'm not.  i'm me & that's just the way it is.  altho i would like to hire a cleaning service... hmm.

anyway!  mom mentioned going to a movie tonight, but i haven't heard from her, and i'm getting hungry, so i might have to just hie off to ye olde culver's for a tasty tidbit of meat & salad.  or applebee's.  really, i could get a yummy spinach salad & steak at applebee's for like $2 more than i could get a burger basket at culver's... but then, is that really what i want?  well, what i want is popcorn.  and fried pickles.  but fried pickles are at texas roadhouse & there is NO WAY they won't be packed on a friday night.  

ooh, mom just texted me back & we are going to the movies.  yay!  popcorn it is!  and either pacific rim or red 2.  bruuuuuce!  ; ) 

time enough to read for 40 minutes or so & be on my way.  ttfn!! 

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