Thursday, August 8, 2013

laze about

slept quite well last night.  got up mostly refreshed.  
of course, that could have something to do w/ looking forward to time off!  
i got in a little early & the day went by pretty smoothly.  so smoothly, in fact, that i decided about 9 i was going to add an hour to my vacation & leave at 10:30 instead of 11:30.  

i stopped at the starbucks (please, act shocked) & then the book rack to *gasp* turn some books in for credit.  i know, i know, you think i keep all my books!  but, sometimes there are books that are just not worth a second read for me - but someone else might put them on their keeper shelf!  so who am i to deny them the opportunity??  : )  i also, yes, i did find 4 more books.  i know i was there yesterday, but this was the iowa store & yesterday i was at the illinois store, so ya know, different stocks!  : )  

i stopped at old navy to see about some new tennies, but they didn't have what i was looking for.  
however, i did find a couple new t-shirts, so hooray for that!  i need to go through my clothes & bag up the stuff i don't wear & take it to the goodwill.

oh, i also got a gc for jen for her bday.  : )  she & the boys are going on vacation soon, so i hopefully will stop by there this afternoon before they leave to give her the present!

i couldn't decide what to get for lunch - i sorta wanted ET, but didn't really want to head back in that direction, so i just did the mcd's thing.  it's amazing how many calories you can do away w/ just by NOT getting a bun on your burger, ya know?  still not as healthy as a salad (oh, shoot, THAT was why i was going to stop in at target!  dang!), but better than a slice of pie... LOL  

well, not better in some senses, but ya know!  

i meant to dive back into my book when i got home, but then i needed to look something up, which turned into two hours on FB & blogs & watching videos of 5FDP.  gosh, i just love them!  they seem like very happy guys.  

also - did you know that august is read a romance month??  
so, you should read a romance or several.
i highly recommend some of my recent reads:
Julia Quinn's Bridgertons (even if i didn't like the last one)
Lick by Kylie Scott
Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart
any Sherrilyn Kenyon book
any of Hannah Howell's highlanders
any of Terri Brisbin's highlanders
Hearts in Darkness & North of Need by Laura Kaye
Tiger Magic by Jennifer Ashley

yeah, soooo many books to choose from.  just pick one up!!  

i'm craving pizza.

what're you up to today?

: ) 


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