Tuesday, August 27, 2013

just a bite

just a quick hello, how are you?  because i have to hook the computer up to the charger soon!  heh.

today was - well, everything was super irritating this morning, but then this afternoon i got to chat w/ april a bit & my pod mates were being funny & i got to help a couple ppl w/ timecard things & it was a good afternoon.  : )  after work, i was going to stop at target for a dinner salad, but then i just didn't feel like stopping, so i made a bacon & cheese on toast sandwich instead.  extra crispy bacon, of course!  it was yummy, but was missing tomato.  heh.  

i finished Tiger Magic (tiger shifters are always my favorite - Tiger & Wren!  anyone know of any other tiger shifters?  please share - or i might google... LOL

not sure what the next book will be.  i should go check my mail to see if my books made it.  i was going to do that when i got home, but forgot my mailbox key in my other purse!  

i still need to get everything packed.  leaving at 10:30 tomorrow.  NERVOUS but EXCITED and ... yeah.  just keep me in prayer, please & thank you!!  : )  

anyway, that's what i've got for you for now!  i hope your tuesday was magnificent!!


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