Monday, August 19, 2013

in all things give praise

woke up feeling good today!  even early enough i got to read for 20 minutes before heading to work.  

at work - got through my email, helped some ppl w/ timecard stuff, met a new person, had an interesting discussion about our activities committee, and was generally having a really fine morning.

and then, about 9:30, BAM!  no, not the awesome bookstore.  suddenly i was feeling feverish & achy & just generally yucky.  and then, without going into TMI territory, i decided i had to go home RIGHT THEN.  except i couldn't go straight home, because i needed a few things at the store that i'd put off for too long.  *sigh*  so i stopped into the store, made a quick circuit for most of the things i needed, and then made my way home.

last night, my AC was acting funny, but it was cool enough that i didn't have any trouble getting to sleep.  today when i got home - still not working.  :(  the house is still thankfully cool at the moment, but it usually heats up by 3 or so after the sun has had a chance to bake in.  so, i called the AC guys & thankfully they are able to come today, but not til this afternoon.  praying it doesn't get too terribly hot before then - and also that it IS just a fuse as i suspect & that they can fix it quickly (and, dare i hope, inexpensively?)!!!

so, i am thankful that they're able to come today, that i'll be home to receive them, and that i was able to get what i needed at the store.  i will also be thankful that i have an awesome, supportive boss and team.  i will also be thankful that - at the moment - my tummy seems to have settled down.  i'm still annoyed to even BE home today, because i have tons to do & i'm a part-timer next week, but i am giving praise in all things today, and so there you go.

and, of course i'm thankful for reading time!  

(and i just remembered that tonight is nikki & zeke's party at sancho's.  *sigh*  i have to stop by, because they live in London & don't get home but every couple of years, but i'm not sure i'll be able to stay.  hopefully i'm fully recovered by then.  oye!!) (still thankful this happened NOW & not next week!) 


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