Saturday, August 17, 2013

hopped up

i finished South of Surrender this morning & it was MARVELOUS!  : )  hadn't heard anything about an East book, but i knew there just had to be, so i checked out laura's website & sure enough - East of Ecstasy comes out .... next year... *sigh*  so far there's not even a teaser, so i don't even know who it's going to be about, but i'm hoping it's Eurus's heir because i just cannot see how Eurus himself is going to be redeemable.  he's killed too many ppl... 

i started To Tame A Highland Warrior & then ...

super yummy brunch at the IHOP.  : )  

and also some yummy popcorn from popcorn charlie.  yay!!

when i got home, mom & leyton hung out here for a bit.  : )

and then it was back to my book.
except it was seriously annoying me & i couldn't get into it.  but i liked it, or i liked what it could be.  and as it wasn't BAD, i didn't want to give up on it.  so i went to panera & got a coffee & then came back & skipped 130 pages or so of the irritating stuff that was making me not get into the story, and then once i got to the part where jillian & grimm stopped being utterly stupid, i was able to fly right through it!  and i loved those 200 pages, so i'll give a couple more of her books a shot when i find them.   

next is Lisa Kleypas, Mine Till Midnight.  my friend andrea gave me this book eons ago, but i wasn't back into historicals yet at the time, so it's been on my shelf.  recently, i've seen this book pop up in various places, tho, and have been interested, and then remembered that i have it, so ... there ya go!  : )

juli & i rescheduled bowling, which was good since i don't really want to do a lot of moving around today!  bret was supposed to let me know when he got home from visiting his dad in CR, so i could go pick up some monies, but he didn't text, so he must've made other plans.  i'll bug him about it tomorrow.  *laugh*

and that is my quiet, lovely, non-exciting day.

what'd you get up to today?  : )  


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