Thursday, August 15, 2013


chocolate is delicious.

idk why i thought i had to share that.

i can't believe it's already 10:30.  BB being on at 8 & my not getting home til 8:30-ish & the sky getting dark earlier makes the night go super fast & suddenly it's bed time & i'm super tired, but i don't want to go to bed, i want to stay up reading blogs & FB posts.

i finished West of Want (BRILLIANT) & next is South of Surrender.  then, possibly my new KS book, but we'll see what genre i feel like at that time!

grammy gets to go home from the hospital tomorrow.  praise the Lord!!  : ) 

had lunch w/ sherry today.  we ate at the family restaurant.  i love their fries & they made my bacon the PERFECT kind of extra crispy!  yum!  sherry's a lot of fun; i love getting to catch up w/ her!  also, she had me email her some 5FDP & Shinedown songs so she can shock her son w/ knowing who they are when he comes to visit later this month.  LOL  

*yawn*  well, i guess i'm a bit tired & so should get my book started & then hit the hay.

are you ready for friday?  i am!!  : )



come, share a slice!