Friday, August 23, 2013

bring on the weekend!

happy friday, party peeps!  it was a pretty good - and even productive! - day today.  got to e-chat w/ april about BB for a bit, and w/ a couple of work-mates in person about all the fun that is our summer show!  heh.  (then mom & leyton & i discussed it tonight.  leyton, like me, likes amanda.  *laugh*  idk why i find that hilarious,.)

i finished Because Your Vampire Said So at lunch, so i stopped into the book rack after work so i'd have something to read while chloe got her oil changed.  i found Fallen, which is a book i've been reading some buzz about the past couple weeks.  once i picked it out, i should have checked out, but i couldn't resist seeing if there were any "new" julia quinn's that i was looking for.  happily, i found Lady Whistledown Strikes Back.  then i had to book it (haha!) out of there, rather than pick out five or six more books... heh.  

there was some confusion as to if i needed to go over to phil's to watch leyton til mom got home tonight, but i ended up going over there to hang out around 6:30.  : )  i read a bit, snuggled w/ leyton, watched some American Ninja & TMNT (the new version cartoon is quite clever!) & mom gave me an Egyptian themed wall plate that my dad had brought back from his travels at some point for great uncle frank... and then we played Yahtzee.  Leyton won - beat me by 10 points!  : ) 

booty bump.  lol

oh yeah, there were strawberry cupcakes, as well.

it was a very good night!  now i'm home, and sleepy, but i finished the first story in my book & want to start the 2nd before letting sleep take over.

tomorrow, hanging out w/ mom & leyton (we're hopefully going to the chinese buffet for lunch & then checking out the teacher store so leyton can pick out some new dice & then idk what else we're doing!  i think i'm going bowling w/ juli & her fam tomorrow night, but she hasn't texted me back, so idk what the plan is there.  and bret was going to come over & do some cleaning of his former bedroom, but haven't heard from him, either.  so, i'm just makin my own plans & what will be, will be.

and of course.... sunday... SHINEDOWN!  :)  *happy dance*  

what're you up to this weekend??


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