Wednesday, August 21, 2013


today, i had the opportunity to take some time & volunteer at the women's clinic, making baby blankets.  our team did it as a team-building exercise, and also as a 'give back' to the community kinda thing.  i have a tie blanket on my couch that my dear friend, trish, made for me for christmas, but i'd never made one myself until today.  it was a lot of fun - even if i did feel myself getting a bit grumpy a few times, before i got the hang of it!!  *laugh*  marty & i worked together to make 3 blankets, and altogether our team finished 12, i believe.  rock!!  after the project, we all met up at TGI Friday's for (a late!) lunch.  i had the jack daniels burger (no bun) & it was YUMMY!  i also ordered a slice of tennessee whiskey cake to go, which i ended up eating for dinner.  (i had easy mac later for actual dinner... back on the salad wagon tomorrow, maybe!)

because of that "field trip" in the middle of the day, it didn't feel very productive work-wise, but i did manage to get some things done, so i'm okay w/ it.  *laugh*  

reading Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire right now, by Michele Bardsley.  i discovered michele thanks to kayla the bibliophile (love that word), and read the first one (I'm The Vampire, That's Why) awhile ago.  then i set about getting the whole series, because i want to read them all together.  sometimes i get into moods like that (hello, Bridgertons, anyone?)!!  i'm still missing one book, but i had a hankerin to read them, so i'll just have to either skip it this time around or order it before i get to it... 

speaking of ordering - i ordered some books from amazon the other day, which should be shipping soon.  and today i was getting excited for them, and thinking how my story tastes have shifted somewhat - not out of the romance genre, but not exclusively one area or another.  if i had to rate my preference, paranormal would definitely be at the top, but now contemporary rocker/tat/piercing novels are tied w/ historicals!  one thing that hasn't changed - i want the HEA.  i don't want a twist where the love interest dies at the end of the book, but the story was about the growth of the character or some such nonsense.  nonsense to me, but i know other ppl enjoy that sort of thing.  :)


four more days til Shinedown & Papa Roach!!!  
one week from today i'll be heading to nashville, and one week from tomorrow, atlanta & SHERRILYN KENYON!  *swoon*  words fail me.  i know, i'm shocked, too!!  *laugh*  

what've you been reading lately?  do you have any "musts" for the books you choose?  


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