Friday, August 9, 2013

atlanta? styxx launch party? ooooh!

so, i've been wanting to go to atlanta for the Styxx release party ever since i heard about it.  but i didn't think it would be do-able.  however, today for some reason i thought, "well, let's just check this out..." 
and i proceeded to check out the hotel, the amount of time/route to get there, etc.

and ppl... IT IS TOTALLY DO-ABLE!  

:) :) :) :) :)

i've gotta talk to my boss & see if i can get the extra days off (i have the vacation time & i don't really think it will be a problem, but just want to make sure!).
if she's good w/ it... 

oh my heck!! 

am i really going to do this??
i really think i'm going to do this!
Lord, give me strength!

my only concern is ... the panic attacks.  because i already know it's going to be a packed party.  but, my plan is to be staying in the hotel where it's happening, so if i need to escape, i don't have to worry about getting my car or anything else.  and sometimes crowds of ppl i don't know are easier than crowds of ppl i do know.  seems backwards, but there it is.  i made it to nashville on my own, tho, and i made it through boo's wedding - yes, i had some attacks, but i made it through them.  i didn't run away screaming (much) & once i was outside for a bit i was okay.  granted, i won't have uncle mike's sage presence in atlanta, but i have the Lord, so ... ya know!  

i think this is going to happen, Lord willing!

other interesting things about today:
Dating Husbands - really, really liking it & will finish it tonight.  lindy is just awesome! 
went to Wolverine w/ mom.  meh.  i'm sorry, i usually LOVE these superhero movies, and i do adore hugh jackman.  but the movie was B O R I N G.  even the action scenes, it was like the music was trying its hardest to invoke some sort of emotion, but it was failing miserably.  :(  
after the movie, tho, we stopped at starbucks & then picked up dinner from ET.  all in all, i call that a WIN!

: ) 

i think that's enough for now, lovies!  
how's your friday?


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