Thursday, August 1, 2013

a bit about today

lots of starbucks, but not all coffee.

saw alison speak today.  she is awesome!  she spoke about her expeditions to Mt Everest & Antarctica & other places.  she relates these experiences to the business world and life in general.  she really inspired me, not to climb mountains or anything like that, but just to continue in doing the RIGHT things for the RIGHT reasons.  
also, i tweeted at her to thank her for the amazing speech & she tweeted me back.

: ) 

timecard stuff.

The Key is ... kinda annoying me right now.  i really want to like it (y'all know i LOVE lynsay!) but right now it's doing that thing that i hate hate hate & the hero & heroine aren't communicating effectively & i want to smack them both.

dinner w/ nicki!!!  we met at osaka & had sushi & crab ragoon & i had some delicious walnut or mayo or something shrimp & it was a very nice time!  : )  can't wait to do it again!!

went to mom's for big brother.  i really wanted them to boot candice, cuz i thought howard's game could get back on track w/o her, but alas, no such luck.  however, i was just happy that amanda was still in the game, so... sorry, howard!  i had fun tweeting during the show, but it still annoys me how everyone is playing the race card.  YES there is racism in the house and YES it's wrong.  but not everything is about that.  howard was put up because he made the mistake of lying to helen (to be fair, he didn't know the MC was done by then, and was trying to be loyal to his alliance.  but still.), and unfortunately didn't do a very good job of explaining things after that.  candice went up cuz she's a ... well, i just don't think candice is a very nice person.  sorry.  i could be wrong, but *shrug*  i just don't like her as a player.  anyway, i get irritated when ppl call "racist" for every action.  if they were put on the block BECAUSE they are black, that's racist.  if they're put on the block for ANY OTHER GAME REASON (strong player, can't be bs'd, don't trust them, don't like them/their game, etc.) then it's no different than putting anyone else up.  

anyway!  i should go to bed.  before midnight.

tomorrow i am taking 1/2 a day vacation, and having lunch w/ my friend casie, and then i have no plans.  
is always
the plan.

what're you up to this weekend?


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