Saturday, August 31, 2013

road trip - after the party (sure, more pictures!)

since i had to leave the other post to put the puter on the charger (and also go over to mom's to hang out w/ leyton for a bit):

: ) 

(the only bad thing - i sat on the floor w/ him to play w/ the cars & somehow managed to dislocate my knee.  ugh.  i finally turned the right way for it to pop back into place, but oh my heck, it HURT!)

so!  back to yesterday - after the party, i headed up to my room.  ON THE FORTY-FIRST FLOOR!  (i know, i mentioned that earlier, but goodness!  how could i ever stay on a low floor ever again??)(heh)(no, really, how?!?!)

i hadn't eaten since 4, hadn't had caffeine since then, either.  and it was now 1 AM.  i did pretty well, not getting faint or a headache or anything - again, ALL GOD!  because normally, i have to eat something every few hours or it gets bad.  i cannot even begin to count the ways in which the Lord blessed me on this trip, but i will tell you i spent the whole of it saying THANK YOU to Him!!  

another blessing - 24 hour room service.  yes, i ordered room service at 1 AM.  

and it was delicious!!  caprisce (sp?) salad, rolls, and a glass of water.  i didn't order the water or the rolls, just came w/ the meal.  nice!  then i managed to read a bit & sank into bed around 2.  as i mentioned, the internet connection was spotty to non-existent, which made it difficult for me to connect to pandora or i heart radio for sleeping.  however, the white noise of the a/c, and the fact that i was EXHAUSTED, helped me sleep quite well for 7 1/2 hours.  or 6 1/2?  idk, i was well-rested at any rate.  the bed wasn't a hug like the Candlewood Suites beds.  it was a firmer mattress, but still comfortable.  and the sheets...!  ohhhh!  i want!  (but i don't want to pay the cost, so ... there ya go!  maybe someday!)

i was up & out of the hotel by 11.  the same gal who checked me in was there to check me out.  excellent customer service!  (not because it was the same person, but because she was super nice, AND she was excited about dragon*con.  *grin*)  i stopped at the bux in the hotel (IN THE HOTEL!) for a mocha lite frapp.  the lady in line behind me had a really kick ass blue hat on, which i had to compliment.  then she complimented Mr Bear, who rides in one of my bags w/ his head & arms poking out.  (he likes to see where he's going whenever possible.  LOL)

my plan was to go to the aquarium for a bit, but there were ppl EVERYWHERE (including the Joker.  dude did a bang up job on the costume & make up!!) and really as much as i didn't want to waste the opportunity since i was in town & didn't have an agenda... i was ready to hit the road.  i called the candlewood about a reservation for the night, but they were booked.  so then i thought i'd just drive til dark or something.  another beautiful day for a drive, for the most part.  there was a huge rain storm at one point, where i couldn't see anything & had my hazards on & only could go like 20 (everyone, not just me.  or mostly everyone.  the semis that went zooming past scared the shite outta me!).  thankfully, it only lasted a few miles & then it was cloudy but not raining like that.  at another point, there was a back up of some sort on the interstate, so i took an exit thinking i would find a loo before being stuck in traffic.  however, i ended up missing the turn for it & continuing down this mountain path that ran alongside the interstate.  i finally found a different gas station & loo, and then made it back on the interstate w/o having to backtrack!  super blessed!!  (also, i looked for postcards, but no one seemed to have them?!  *boggle*  i know it's a lost art & everything, but usually gas stations still have them!!)

when it started getting dark, i wasn't really tired so decided to just keep going.  at this point i only had 4 hours left til home, and thought i could just push through.  plus, the towns looked sketchy.  well, like - i'm sure the hotels would have been perfectly fine, but right off the interstate & when there's only one hotel and one restaurant and one gas station, they tend to charge more because they can.  so i wanted to stay somewhere w/ multiple options to keep the prices low.  : )  however, none were forthcoming... and then there were only 3 hours left, and i thought, really i can just push through!!  but, no.  i was getting punchy & my legs were protesting & oh then i stopped at this rest area that was super dark & creepy & i decided i really needed to stop at the next non-sketchy town.

so, i did.  i ended up in a town called litchfield or something like that, and checked in w/ cash at a super 8.  

 kentucky rest area.  pretty!

mr bear visits some town in IL.

the pillows weren't as fluffy as i like (actually, they were very, very thin!) but there were two beds, so i just stole the pillows from the other bed to make a comfy little nest!  : )  i read for a bit, but i was completely tuckered, so went to bed at 11:30 & slept pretty well!  got up at 8, finished What Happens In London (SO SWEET!) & thought about starting Styxx.  but i knew if i did that, i wouldn't make check out time!!

i left around 9:30, i think.  10?  something like that!  stopped at mcd's for breakfast - which they gave me the wrong thing & i thankfully noticed just before getting on the interstate!  so i went back in to exchange.  oye.  then i drove & drove & drove - this was actually the shortest leg of my journey, but if FELT like the longest!!  *laugh*  finally, finally rolled into town about 1 or 2 & my first stop was ... well, intended to be starbucks, but since it was right next to the book rack, and i wanted to see if they had a certain book... LOL  so i stopped in there & then went to the bux for a latte.  iced.  yummy!  

and there you go!  *laugh*  phil forgot to get my mail while i was gone (but he remembered to take care of angel, so i'm alright w/ the forgotten mail!), so i had a bunch of book deliveries.  woot!  

i decided to read Tall, Tatted and Tempting and then The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo before i dive into Styxx.  i didn't think i would be quite this intimidated by that book!!  it's hard to explain!  but, Lord willing, i WILL read it this weekend!  (i have through tuesday to get it done for it to count as this weekend.)  : )  

think i'll read a bit more & then SLEEP!  i am still wore out!  

but so worth it!  agh, such a blessed trip, thank You Jesus!!  : ) 


road trip - Parthenon & STYXX book launch (long, with pictures!)

even tho i think i paid extra to have a wi-fi connection in my room at the Westin, it wasn't working, so there was no blogging the rest of my trip.  d'oh!  so, i'll try to do the trip & party justice here, but if i get disjointed, well, sorry!!  : )  

i left the hotel in nashville around 9:30 & went to the parthenon.  i can't be in nashville & miss it.  it won't matter how many times i go - and i hope i get to visit many more times, truly!  there is a sense of peace and wonder i get when i'm there.  i don't know how to explain it, or why that even happens, but it does.  it's just so beautiful and ... idk.  : )  and, since sherri (through Ash) is the reason i even knew about the parthenon & wanted to go there in the first place in april... it seemed doubly appropriate to visit this monument before meeting the woman herself!  

there was a guy getting his picture taken by some of the columns, too - senior pics, maybe?  i would think if you lived in the area, that would be a must-do for senior portraits.  or wedding... oooh.  *grin*  

i left nashville around 10:30 & headed for atlanta.  the drive was just amazingly beautiful!  and some of it was scary!  there are some hills in the mountains that are at a 6% grade - i don't know what that means, but the speed limit is 55 & i was hard pressed to keep the car anywhere near that!  i could feel the pull of gravity... and while i am totally okay w/ ppl wanting to go faster than the posted speed limit (i tend to go w/ the flow of traffic, so if they're going faster, i do, too.  otherwise i generally don't go more than 5-10 miles above on the interstate.), when they did so on these roads it was scary!!  and yet, i managed to get some pictures...

the pictures i didn't get were amazing, tho.  God is truly amazing.  best artist!!  : )  

i had forgotten about the time difference - atlanta is an hour ahead.  so, instead of arriving at 4:30, it was closer to 5:30.  and then i drove around for a bit trying to locate the parking garage... that was an adventure in & of itself!  *laugh*  thank God for my chicago driving experience, because i wasn't flustered in the traffic at all.  i finally saw a parking garage, and pulled in, but i didn't think it was the right one, and when i asked the guy reluctantly said that no, it was just a day parking garage & closed at midnight.  i drove right back out.  heh.  finally, down the block a bit was a garage right across from the hotel.  whew!  and only $10!  woot!  (which, i think was God looking out for me - truly i do!  because when i left, the guy at the window was super confused as to how i got the type of ticket i got & seemed to want to charge me more money, but i told him when i arrived & everything & somehow i got a weekend ticket.  i glanced briefly at the prices on the booth, and am thinking that an overnight stay would have normally set me back about $40!  so, i'll take the $10 charge, thank you!  *grin*)

i grabbed my stuff & hoofed it over to the hotel (PTL for the strength & lung capacity to do that.  a couple of years ago, before losing weight, there is no way that would have been a comfortable walk for me, in the atlanta heat & humidity!!).  met a nice guy who was there for dragon*con w/ his mom & gf.  he had a really neat bowler-type hat on.  he & his gf had costumes for the con that were inspired by How To Train Your Dragon.  super neat!!  i got all checked in & headed to the elevators to wait in the queue for... THE FORTY-FIRST FLOOR!  i had requested a high room.  i had no idea the Westin had 70 floors!!  i had seen pictures, i knew it was tall, but goodness!  there were some costumed ppl waiting, and some non-costumed, and no, i don't have any pictures of any costumes.  it's rude to just take pics willy nilly at a con & i was already melting from being around so many ppl... sorry!  i know ppl were looking forward to cos pics!  

however, pics of the room & view, i have:

yes, there was wine, AND a robe!  i should have taken a picture of myself IN the robe... 
also, for some reason a couple pictures of the view & the customary Mr Bear on the bed are not showing up for me to post, so i'll have to fix that... sometime... 

there were reading lights in the headboard.

the shower was like rainfall....which was cool, but i discovered later that it wasn't quite so good about getting all the shampoo out of my hair!  d'oh!  the shampoo (which smelled reallllly nice) was green, and after my hair was up & dried a little, i noticed a green film... NOT THE TIME FOR THAT!  oye.  i could seriously feel the Lord with me, tho, through this whole thing.  you guys, your prayers mean SO MUCH to me!  the shampoo incident is something that could have really put me into a panic - no time to get back in the shower, no real way to get it all out of my hair w/o getting back into the shower... i did well enough, but that could have really thrown me into a ball of sobbing.  so, but, it did not.  : )  and i just finished getting dressed & headed myself down 30 some floors to the ballroom.  one of the ballrooms.  LOL  this hotel is HUGE!

the line was already in the second queue area, so i mosey'd over there & started chatting w/ ppl.  the gals in front of me were not so much the friendly type (normally a panic trigger) but everyone else around me was super friendly & the guy behind me even had a stuffed dragon on his shoulder!!  there was also a girl dressed as Simi, well there were a lot of ppl dressed as characters, but this gal was close by & we had a rousing discussion of Firefly & other joss shows while we waited.  : )  

doors opened at 7, i believe, & i made it to the book line about 8.  got my copy of Styxx & proceeded into the seating area where sherri was doing a Q&A.  i always feel badly for her when she does these (in person, radio, tv, fb, whatever) because she gets the same questions over & over again.  now, i know everyone can't possibly have seen answers to every question.  but, as a fan, i would think you could at least pay attention to the basics.  there will be a dark-hunter & CON movie/tv series.  sherri is writing the screenplay.  she can't give out much more information than that, because that's all she knows.  that information has been posted on her website & FB site (& probably twitter & other sites as well) SEVERAL times in the past couple months, because ppl keep asking.  and still, ppl asked at the event.  that's just one example - it seems like i knew the answers to almost all the questions asked, because i pay attention.  *laugh*  but sherri is ever gracious in her answers, even when ppl seem to be upset w/ her, she handles it so well.  (more on that later.)

after the Q&A, sherri went upstairs to start the signing.  while she was doing that, alethea kontis (friend & fellow author) was the MC & introduced the band... Adam Ezra Group.  OH MY HECK are these guys good!  so, we got a nice concert while we waited for our tickets to be called for signing.  i found a seat next to a nice lady & jammed out for the first set.  during a break, i went to the merch table to get a CD.  ended up w/ two & a hoodie.  : )  (it's a very comfy hoody, too, AND i got brown instead of my usual gray!)  after that, i wandered around a bit & somehow managed to be in the line to meet the band.  WOOT!  so, i met the band (no pictures.  seriously, i cannot explain to you why all of a sudden taking pictures w/ ppl has become attached to panic attacks.  now i can talk to ppl no problem, but can't bring out my camera even tho it's EXPECTED and everyone else around is doing it.  what is UP with that, someone please explain to me??)  you should totally check out their page, tho, because they are adorable & GOOD!  so, i met them & they signed a cd & i have the hoodie & it was a fabulous experience!!!  : )  

listened to another set, drank some water, and then decided i had time to go up to my room & use the loo & drop off the swag.  (oh, i also visited the SK merch table for free bumper stickers & post cards & things.)

the band played til about 10 - they had a gig in connecticut the next night & they were DRIVING, so they had me beat (13 hour trip) by a few hours (19 hour trip each way!)!  LOL  then alethea drew numbers for the raffle prizes (which i did not win, pity!) & there was dragon*con TV, which had a bunch of awesome nerdy facts & skits & things, plus information on the con.  fabulous!!  

and then, finally, it was time for the rest of us to get into line for the signing!  i was by some really fun ppl (one of whom was drunk, but a friendly drunk...) & we chatted nearly the whole time we were in line!  

and at just after midnight, i met sherri.  *sigh*  she is, as mentioned, one of the SWEETEST and most genuine ppl i have had the pleasure of meeting.  i knew this from her online presence, and interviews i've seen/heard, and other ppl's accounts.  but her smile, at midnight, after signing alllll night.... well.  and even tho i am sure ppl must have been thanking her all night for writing her books, because it seems to be the thing to do for an author you adore!, when i said, "i just have to thank you," she looked startled, and like she was about to say, "for what?"  *laugh*  now, she was hugging each person as they came up, and it was a real hug, but a tired hug.  ya know?  again, she started signing at about 8:30 & it was now midnight.  so she was pretty spent.  and STILL giving genuine hugs.  but when i told her why i was thanking her, or really, what it is i admire about her (one of the things!) - is this: the way she handles herself w/ her fans not only in person, but online, and not the complimentary fans.  i admire how she handles the fans who, sometimes, can be rather cruel.  or, harsh - i don't think they mean to be cruel.  they just love her books so much & want their favorite characters to have stories RIGHTNOW and sometimes they can be very critical if sherri doesn't write the way THEY think she should.  and she always handles them so graciously, sweetly, kindly... and i thanked her for that.  she seemed genuinely surprised, like no one had thanked her for that before, and jumped up to give me another round of hugs - and these hugs were different.  not more, just - tighter, and like she was saying thank you back.

and then i complimented her "peeps" because her staff is comprised of family & friends rather than "handlers" and i love that!  : )  

and that is the story of the night i met one of my favorite authors.  : )  this has been super long & i am going to get back in the car (OMH, NOOOOO!) because leyton is at mom's & i want to hang out a bit.  : )  here's the book & the autograph, since i don't have a picture w/ sherri - that is one i WANTED but my phone was dead by that point.  *sigh*  


(p.s. - confession - i'm a little intimidated by this book, and i think i might read a different book first, but we'll see.  my amazon books were delivered... )  : )  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

road trip - STYXX book launch

so, as i MAY have mentioned, the book launch for STYXX by Sherrilyn Kenyon is happening tomorrow in atlanta, GA.  atlanta is about 13 hours from home, so i am stopping overnight in nashville, TN.  

i went to work today til 10:30 - had an activities committee meeting right before i left, which was fun.  our group is full of great ppl w/ lots of good ideas.  love going to those meetings!!  : )  

there was some sadness today - daddy would have been 67 today.  and, just before my meeting (which started an hour before i was set to leave & scheduled for longer, so i had to leave it early), i received a very sad email.  someone i work w/ quite often on timecard issues passed away unexpectedly yesterday, at home.  i can still hear his voice saying "hi carrie," in the same inflection every time i would call or he would call me.  he had an awesome, dry, ironic sense of humor, and we always commiserated with each other about the various things in the tech world or the HR world that annoyed/fascinated us.  i never got to meet him in person, and yet i will miss those phone calls; i will miss him.  *sigh*  

so, i was sad, but april - dear, dear, april!! - helped a lot.  

and also, starbucks and loud music on the road!  : ) 

the trip took about 10 hours, which is about an hour more than it "should."  but i got turned around a couple times & of course there were multiple rest stops to walk, get a snack or gas, and use the loo!  : )  so, really, i think i did pretty well.  various radio stations helped me out in the awesome music department by playing nickelback's Saving Me, Three Years Hollow's Chemical Ride (my FAVORITE song of theirs) and various other fun tumes.  *grin*  and i had Shinedown, 5FDP & Three Days Grace for the staticky times.  woot!  so thankful for the Lord's traveling mercies!  praying they continue on the trip to atlanta tomorrow.

along with the excitement is also the constant battle of anxiety.  i can put it out of my mind for a bit at a time, and when it runs around in my mind, i tamp it down.  i pray it through.  but it is still constantly there.  i will not, will not, will NOT let it beat me in this.  ppl keep mentioning atlanta traffic and downtown parking, and these things try to compete for more anxiety.  but i am praying for smooth traffic, and for clear parking signs like there were in cedar rapids on sunday.  i am praying for the confidence i pretend to feel when i walk into new places.  i am praying that the ppl will all be nice.  God is good, all the time, and He cares, even about the silly little things!  : )  

i had hoped to meet boo & bran for breakfast tomorrow, but i haven't heard back from them to arrange anything, so i'm not letting that be a source of anxiety.  it's trying.  but if i don't see them, i don't see them.  i can't worry about it.  i don't mean that in a cold way - i mean that i LITERALLY cannot let myself worry about it, because it would niggle at my mind and cause me to be unable to sleep or to feel bad or something.  so, my plan is to sleep til at least 8, maybe 9, head to the Parthenon to say hello and bask in the architecture, and then head on out.  if i get a response that boo and/or bran are available for breakfast or brunch, i'll work that in at the time.  as long as i'm on the road by 11, i should be good.      

and so, with that, i am going to read a bit of What Happens In London, and get my butt in the super comfy bed that i remember!  : )  

keep praying, please & thank you!  i appreciate it!!  stay tuned for tomorrow's update - HOPEFULLY there will be pictures... 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

just a bite

just a quick hello, how are you?  because i have to hook the computer up to the charger soon!  heh.

today was - well, everything was super irritating this morning, but then this afternoon i got to chat w/ april a bit & my pod mates were being funny & i got to help a couple ppl w/ timecard things & it was a good afternoon.  : )  after work, i was going to stop at target for a dinner salad, but then i just didn't feel like stopping, so i made a bacon & cheese on toast sandwich instead.  extra crispy bacon, of course!  it was yummy, but was missing tomato.  heh.  

i finished Tiger Magic (tiger shifters are always my favorite - Tiger & Wren!  anyone know of any other tiger shifters?  please share - or i might google... LOL

not sure what the next book will be.  i should go check my mail to see if my books made it.  i was going to do that when i got home, but forgot my mailbox key in my other purse!  

i still need to get everything packed.  leaving at 10:30 tomorrow.  NERVOUS but EXCITED and ... yeah.  just keep me in prayer, please & thank you!!  : )  

anyway, that's what i've got for you for now!  i hope your tuesday was magnificent!!


Sunday, August 25, 2013


it's 1AM.
i should go straight to bed.  i'm certainly tired enough!!  LOL

today was quite nice!  read Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home & loved it!!!  this was book 4, and i was slightly disappointed in books 2 & 3 - they were good, but not enough of the male lead, IMO.  i don't have book 5, so i need to get that... meanwhile, i'm re-reading Tiger Magic, because Tiger has been calling to me lof late.  i think i'll be re-reading Lick soon, too... : ) 

so, i picked up some coffee & then anthony at 2:30 & we headed to cedar rapids for the concert.  the venue was really easy to find, parking garage was $10 (not terrible) & our seats were awesome!!  
we as human did a great job.  anthony got their autographs.  : ) 
in this moment, i really don't like their stage show.  they're very talented, musically & choreographically, but their show is just very sexual, and i think they could tone it down a bit.  just because you're a female rocker doesn't mean you have to be 1/2 nekkid.  IMO!  
papa roach was good, their music selections kicked butt!  but their performance was a little ... phoned in.  just didn't seem as energetic as last time, but i still enjoyed it!  
skillet was pretty good.  anthony liked them best.  : )  i thought they had their bass too high for most of the songs.  if i can't understand what you're singing WHEN I KNOW THE WORDS, then your bass is too high, i'm sorry.  but their media was AWESOME and they love the Lord lots and their song selection was good, so i forgive them the bass.  LOL

and then, the headliners, SHINEDOWN!  this is a different tour, but not a different album, than when we saw them in february, so it was much the same show as then.  which was perfectly fine w/ me since i enjoyed the february show so much that i wanted to see them again!  heh.  they are AMAZING and AWESOME and i would totally follow them around & see the show every week if i could afford to!!  : )  

so, there ya go!  : )  my ears are still ringing, tho, which is kinda discombobulating!  *laugh*  

i'm going to read a chapter or two & then hit the hay!  thankfully i don't have to be to work til 11.  PTL for vacation time!!  tuesday i'm working a full day & then wednesday it's another 1/2 day & then the next road trip!!!  *bounce*  


Saturday, August 24, 2013

i have a headache

and it had better go away soon & not come back tomorrow!  tomorrow is SHINEDOWN and papa roach and skillet and the other ppl, but ... SHINEDOWN is the important one for me.  *laugh*  : )  

other than the current headache, and mom somewhat annoying me, and my knocking over leyton's soda at linner... today was a great day.  : )  i did have fun hanging out w/ mom & leyton.  it almost didn't happen, tho.  mom just needs to loosen up, a bit, and learn to approach things in a different manner sometimes.  she still doesn't see anything wrong w/ the way she talks to ppl or what she expects of ppl sometimes.  and it gets frustrating for all involved!  including her!  but she thinks i'm picking on her or something when i try to point it out.  i'm not picking on her - i'm trying to make her life easier, happier, whatever.

anyway.  so, leyton didn't want to take a bath this morning before heading out for our day of shopping & whatnot.  therefore, mom declared we just weren't going anywhere.  really?  when she called to tell me this, i was like - hello, he's six.  you really can't convince the six year old to take a bath?  give me leyton.  so, she put him on the phone, and i talked to him, and asked him why he didn't want to take a bath.  he didn't know.  i said, "well, okay.  i'm kinda disappointed we won't be able to go to the teacher store & look for dice, and i was really looking forward to going to sam's for free samples today."  we talked for awhile about that & other stuff & then he said, "well, you can come over later if you want to."  and i said, "maybe."  then we said i love you's & hung up.

about 10 minutes later, leyton calls me back & says, "i changed my mind, aunt carrie.  i decided to take a bath so we can go (shopping)."  i said, "you did?  that's wonderful!  i'm so happy you decided that!"  : )  

now, i have no idea what the conversation was btwn him & mom about the bath, or why he didn't want to take it in the first place (he loves water & usually enjoys bathtime).  however, i know she's been burning her candle at both ends w/ work & taking grammy shifts & i know how tonal she gets anyway.... so i can imagine fairly accurately the scene.  this was actually the case a few times today.  she would get tonal, leyton's hackles would rise (as would mine - because of the way i grew up, i'm very sensitive to vocal tones), and i would jump in to reroute & try to diffuse.  (1/2 the time mom would then get upset w/ me, but whatever.)  

leyton is a good kid.  yes, he can be whiny and throw tantrums & whatever.  all kids do that.  but as adults, our reactions to those things are teaching him proper behavior, not only for himself but for others.  there's no need to compound a tantrum by arguing w/ him, or by insisting "i am right you are wrong because i am the adult and you are the child." or something like that.  and sometimes mom falls into that trap, and it drives me batty.  leyton really is quite easy to distract out of a whiny spell or temper tantrum.  but you have to be willing to TALK TO him and not AT him.  ya know?  

and again, mom & i just have completely different personalities & i know that's part of our differing reactions.  but my goodness - if you can see that my reactions WORK and your reactions cause more stress....*boggle*  why wouldn't you want to do the thing that causes less stress?

example - while we were at the teacher store, leyton & i picked out dice, and then he went looking at some other things.  he saw an hourglass that he wanted.  he asked gramma if he could get it; she said no.  he asked me & i said not today.  he pouted & cajoled for a bit, but i was a firm "no."  so he went to put it back, and then he started crying - not whiny crying or throwing a fit crying or even loud crying.  he just let out one sniffle & his eyes filled w/ tears & he came over to me & i hugged him & let him have his moment of sadness.  mom would have told him to stop whining or whatever & that would have upset him more and probably caused a scene.  he was crying not to be difficult, but because he was disappointed in not getting something he wanted (but didn't need - as i pointed out, he had games at gramma's that have that exact same hourglass) and also tired and hungry.  his reaction wasn't bratty or spoiled or whatever else.  he just needed a hug, and then he was fine, and ready to go find something for lunch.  (well, linner, really, as by that time it was about 4.)

there had also been an ... incident... earlier at sam's - i was fading fast & needed to eat something.  leyton wanted to go to toys r us before lunch.  so, mom suggested we get a pretzel & soda before leaving sam's & then go to toys r us before lunch.  i apparently didn't answer fast enough, because then she decided that no, we would go to lunch first & then toys r us.  leyton, tho, had latched onto the pretzel idea.  then an argument ensued, because mom became stubborn about this going to lunch first thing.  now, here's where i was in a dilemma - she'd gotten the "i am the leader and we will do as i say" stubborn tone to her voice.  i, however, would actually prefer to get a pretzel & soda (hello, less than $2!).  but i didn't want to "usurp her authority" in front of leyton, so i was trying to figure out the best way to diffuse this latest situation, when she suddenly decided she'd had enough & she was going to the car & leyton & i could split a pretzel & share a drink (my original plan...).  so we did.  then when we got to the car, she was still all pissy & ... oye.  

a lot of the issues are caused by miscommunication - she doesn't "get" what i'm saying, reacts to what she thinks i'm saying, and then refuses to let go of her wrong assumption even when i try to explain.  then i get flustered, because the more i try to explain, the more she tells me she DOES understand what i'm saying, but then she proves that she most certainly does NOT understand what i'm saying... and i give up, because i don't want to fight w/ her, and i don't know how to get her to see what i actually mean.  it's frustrating.  

ANYWAY!  having vented all that, it really WAS a nice day, we did have lots of fun galavanting about - target, sam's (there really were some good samples!), toys r us, teacher's aid, and then applebee's for linner.  however, i was people'd out after sam's, and so called juli to postpone bowling again.  i was just DONE being around ppl, ya know?  

so, here are some pictures, showing that we DID have fun today!  :)  please enjoy!

and i even managed to read two short stories from Lady Whistledown Strikes Back, and i'll finish the last one before bed, i think.  : ) 


Friday, August 23, 2013

bring on the weekend!

happy friday, party peeps!  it was a pretty good - and even productive! - day today.  got to e-chat w/ april about BB for a bit, and w/ a couple of work-mates in person about all the fun that is our summer show!  heh.  (then mom & leyton & i discussed it tonight.  leyton, like me, likes amanda.  *laugh*  idk why i find that hilarious,.)

i finished Because Your Vampire Said So at lunch, so i stopped into the book rack after work so i'd have something to read while chloe got her oil changed.  i found Fallen, which is a book i've been reading some buzz about the past couple weeks.  once i picked it out, i should have checked out, but i couldn't resist seeing if there were any "new" julia quinn's that i was looking for.  happily, i found Lady Whistledown Strikes Back.  then i had to book it (haha!) out of there, rather than pick out five or six more books... heh.  

there was some confusion as to if i needed to go over to phil's to watch leyton til mom got home tonight, but i ended up going over there to hang out around 6:30.  : )  i read a bit, snuggled w/ leyton, watched some American Ninja & TMNT (the new version cartoon is quite clever!) & mom gave me an Egyptian themed wall plate that my dad had brought back from his travels at some point for great uncle frank... and then we played Yahtzee.  Leyton won - beat me by 10 points!  : ) 

booty bump.  lol

oh yeah, there were strawberry cupcakes, as well.

it was a very good night!  now i'm home, and sleepy, but i finished the first story in my book & want to start the 2nd before letting sleep take over.

tomorrow, hanging out w/ mom & leyton (we're hopefully going to the chinese buffet for lunch & then checking out the teacher store so leyton can pick out some new dice & then idk what else we're doing!  i think i'm going bowling w/ juli & her fam tomorrow night, but she hasn't texted me back, so idk what the plan is there.  and bret was going to come over & do some cleaning of his former bedroom, but haven't heard from him, either.  so, i'm just makin my own plans & what will be, will be.

and of course.... sunday... SHINEDOWN!  :)  *happy dance*  

what're you up to this weekend??


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


today, i had the opportunity to take some time & volunteer at the women's clinic, making baby blankets.  our team did it as a team-building exercise, and also as a 'give back' to the community kinda thing.  i have a tie blanket on my couch that my dear friend, trish, made for me for christmas, but i'd never made one myself until today.  it was a lot of fun - even if i did feel myself getting a bit grumpy a few times, before i got the hang of it!!  *laugh*  marty & i worked together to make 3 blankets, and altogether our team finished 12, i believe.  rock!!  after the project, we all met up at TGI Friday's for (a late!) lunch.  i had the jack daniels burger (no bun) & it was YUMMY!  i also ordered a slice of tennessee whiskey cake to go, which i ended up eating for dinner.  (i had easy mac later for actual dinner... back on the salad wagon tomorrow, maybe!)

because of that "field trip" in the middle of the day, it didn't feel very productive work-wise, but i did manage to get some things done, so i'm okay w/ it.  *laugh*  

reading Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire right now, by Michele Bardsley.  i discovered michele thanks to kayla the bibliophile (love that word), and read the first one (I'm The Vampire, That's Why) awhile ago.  then i set about getting the whole series, because i want to read them all together.  sometimes i get into moods like that (hello, Bridgertons, anyone?)!!  i'm still missing one book, but i had a hankerin to read them, so i'll just have to either skip it this time around or order it before i get to it... 

speaking of ordering - i ordered some books from amazon the other day, which should be shipping soon.  and today i was getting excited for them, and thinking how my story tastes have shifted somewhat - not out of the romance genre, but not exclusively one area or another.  if i had to rate my preference, paranormal would definitely be at the top, but now contemporary rocker/tat/piercing novels are tied w/ historicals!  one thing that hasn't changed - i want the HEA.  i don't want a twist where the love interest dies at the end of the book, but the story was about the growth of the character or some such nonsense.  nonsense to me, but i know other ppl enjoy that sort of thing.  :)


four more days til Shinedown & Papa Roach!!!  
one week from today i'll be heading to nashville, and one week from tomorrow, atlanta & SHERRILYN KENYON!  *swoon*  words fail me.  i know, i'm shocked, too!!  *laugh*  

what've you been reading lately?  do you have any "musts" for the books you choose?  


Monday, August 19, 2013

in all things give praise

woke up feeling good today!  even early enough i got to read for 20 minutes before heading to work.  

at work - got through my email, helped some ppl w/ timecard stuff, met a new person, had an interesting discussion about our activities committee, and was generally having a really fine morning.

and then, about 9:30, BAM!  no, not the awesome bookstore.  suddenly i was feeling feverish & achy & just generally yucky.  and then, without going into TMI territory, i decided i had to go home RIGHT THEN.  except i couldn't go straight home, because i needed a few things at the store that i'd put off for too long.  *sigh*  so i stopped into the store, made a quick circuit for most of the things i needed, and then made my way home.

last night, my AC was acting funny, but it was cool enough that i didn't have any trouble getting to sleep.  today when i got home - still not working.  :(  the house is still thankfully cool at the moment, but it usually heats up by 3 or so after the sun has had a chance to bake in.  so, i called the AC guys & thankfully they are able to come today, but not til this afternoon.  praying it doesn't get too terribly hot before then - and also that it IS just a fuse as i suspect & that they can fix it quickly (and, dare i hope, inexpensively?)!!!

so, i am thankful that they're able to come today, that i'll be home to receive them, and that i was able to get what i needed at the store.  i will also be thankful that i have an awesome, supportive boss and team.  i will also be thankful that - at the moment - my tummy seems to have settled down.  i'm still annoyed to even BE home today, because i have tons to do & i'm a part-timer next week, but i am giving praise in all things today, and so there you go.

and, of course i'm thankful for reading time!  

(and i just remembered that tonight is nikki & zeke's party at sancho's.  *sigh*  i have to stop by, because they live in London & don't get home but every couple of years, but i'm not sure i'll be able to stay.  hopefully i'm fully recovered by then.  oye!!) (still thankful this happened NOW & not next week!) 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

the ppl you meet

today was quite nice - finished Mine Till Midnight & started Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D'Alessandro (one of my favorite historical authors - i'm also fond of her contemporaries!).  : )   mostly a quiet day of reading.  : )  

i went to mom's for BB - it was actually a pretty interesting edit!  

on my way home, i had to stop at the kwik shop.  except at the last minute i decided to turn left into the casey's instead.  and whom should i run into but the very tall usher from my cousin bub's wedding!  i think his name is dom, but i'm not 100% on that.  we had a nice little chat.  (my cousins are blessed with very friendly friends!)  

the thing is - i wasn't expecting to stop anywhere, and certainly not to see anyone i knew (even peripherally).  so i was ... how shall we say? ... not fully dressed.  d'oh!  there was a time this would be a source of embarrassment for me.  i must be maturing or something, because while i did have a twinge of "eep!" i wasn't actually very fussed about it.  now, would the same have been true if it were mr crushtastic i ran into in such a state?  (ha!  who am i kidding?  it wouldn't matter if i was dressed to the 9's - if i every run into mr crushtastic out in public, i'd probably turn bright red and lose all sense of intelligence.  LOL)

anyway!  that's my story for today.  aren't you glad i shared?  ; ) 


Saturday, August 17, 2013

hopped up

i finished South of Surrender this morning & it was MARVELOUS!  : )  hadn't heard anything about an East book, but i knew there just had to be, so i checked out laura's website & sure enough - East of Ecstasy comes out .... next year... *sigh*  so far there's not even a teaser, so i don't even know who it's going to be about, but i'm hoping it's Eurus's heir because i just cannot see how Eurus himself is going to be redeemable.  he's killed too many ppl... 

i started To Tame A Highland Warrior & then ...

super yummy brunch at the IHOP.  : )  

and also some yummy popcorn from popcorn charlie.  yay!!

when i got home, mom & leyton hung out here for a bit.  : )

and then it was back to my book.
except it was seriously annoying me & i couldn't get into it.  but i liked it, or i liked what it could be.  and as it wasn't BAD, i didn't want to give up on it.  so i went to panera & got a coffee & then came back & skipped 130 pages or so of the irritating stuff that was making me not get into the story, and then once i got to the part where jillian & grimm stopped being utterly stupid, i was able to fly right through it!  and i loved those 200 pages, so i'll give a couple more of her books a shot when i find them.   

next is Lisa Kleypas, Mine Till Midnight.  my friend andrea gave me this book eons ago, but i wasn't back into historicals yet at the time, so it's been on my shelf.  recently, i've seen this book pop up in various places, tho, and have been interested, and then remembered that i have it, so ... there ya go!  : )

juli & i rescheduled bowling, which was good since i don't really want to do a lot of moving around today!  bret was supposed to let me know when he got home from visiting his dad in CR, so i could go pick up some monies, but he didn't text, so he must've made other plans.  i'll bug him about it tomorrow.  *laugh*

and that is my quiet, lovely, non-exciting day.

what'd you get up to today?  : )