Sunday, July 21, 2013

zippy (with pictures!)

it's just a nonsense title this time.

i'm home from mason city!  it was a super fun fabulous trip & i'm so thankful that leyton likes to go on trips w/ me!  i actually woke up before him this morning, so i was able to get all showered & ready to go before getting him up.  hooray!  we did have to rush around a bit - and i forgot to give him his "get the chlorine our of his hair" bath before we left.  sorry!  i opened up the curtain before we headed out & we were greeted by the site of police cars, an ambulance & firetruck in a parking lot across the way.  

when we got downstairs to check out, the ppl in the laundry room were talking about a dead body (thanks a lot, guys, for checking to see if there were any, oh, idk, say, CHILDREN w/in hearing distance when you were talking about that!  ugh!) & then a lady came up w/ her daughter & said she'd been exercising her dog about an hour earlier & nothing had been out there, so she went to talk to the cops to give them a timeline.

oye!  (turns out apparently a worker at a restaurant across the way had died - no foul play suspected, thankfully!)(oh, and leyton assured me he'd seen a dead body under a sheet on TV before & wasn't traumatized...oye again!  LOL)(not that i think he was traumatized at all - he's a very intelligent & fairly practical child, but STILL not the kind of thing you really want the hotel staff discussing in front of guests, ya know?)

anywhoo!  we met sarah & her mom & the kids at mickey d's for breakfast & had lots of fun & lots of picture time!!  :)  

omh, i just discovered i can pick photos directly from my phone!!!  it is truly all sync'd up!  PTL!!!  : )   

after breakfast, leyton & i had a really nice drive home!  we stopped at several rest areas & then at chili's for lunch, and in whatever town we were in they had a drivethru caribou coffee, and it was yummy!!  

we hung out at mom's for a bit, then i came home to read (and i was supposed to do laundry, but that did not happen) & then i went back to mom's for big brother.  and more playing w/ leyton.  LOL

i finished An Offer From A Gentleman & good gravy the book made me cry, but HAPPY tears & gosh JQ knows how to wrench the heart right out of your chest via your throat!  next on the list is Romancing Mr Bridgerton, which i've been anticipating!!  : )  

oh!  finally got an email from amazon that my books have shipped, so i should have them SOON!  i will be taking a break from the bridgertons as soon as that package arrives because i - may have mentioned - want to read Hearts in Darkness!!!!!!  squeeee!  :)  

okay, but i really should go to bed.  soonish.  ; )   back to work tomorrow & since i took all of friday off, my email could be a potential tangle... i'm hoping for a busy day so it goes fast because i'll want to get right back to my book...  *nerd*  *happy nerd*  : )  

how'd your weekend go??  ttfn!  

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