Saturday, July 13, 2013

weddings and anxiety

today my cousin bub (bradley) married his best friend, alexandrea (alex).  it was a beautiful & joyous occasion.  i mean joyous as in "filled with joy."  FILLED.  there was so much bliss and laughter - laughter!  during the ceremony! - and worship.  God is truly in this marriage, and the wedding was amazing.  alex's dress was tasteful and simple and yet sparkly & elegant.  : )  

and ever since 27 Dresses, i look at the groom, when everyone else is looking at the bride.  jane & kevin are talking & she asks him about his favorite... well, let me see if i can find the quote:

Jane: There's gotta be one thing about weddings that you like.
Kevin: Open bar.
Jane: No.
Kevin[thinks for a moment] All right. So when the bride comes in and she makes her giant, grand entrance, I like to glance back at the poor bastard getting married. 'Cause even though Ithink he's an idiot for willingly entering into the last legal form of slavery... I don't know, he always looks really, really happy. And, for some reason, I... [notices Jane giving him a weird look] What the hell are you looking at me like that for?

*swoon*  ever since that line, i've been to a few weddings, and i always look at the groom.  the look on bradley's face as he saw alex in her dress for the first time, coming down the aisle to be HIS BRIDE... *sigh*  i pray for a love like that some day, but even if it's not in the cards for me - and at this point, let's face facts, it is not looking likely! - it makes me happy to know true love exists.  even outside of my books!  ; )  

this.  this is the look i'm talking about...

*swoon* again!  

after the wedding, mom & i picked up bret to go to the reception.  beautiful venue for that!  older building w/ brick interior walls... mmm!  :)  reception was to start at like 5.  the wedding party was running late (pictures), so they went ahead & fed us.  good thing, too!  there were a lot of ppl at the reception, which is awesome, but ... not so much for me & my anxiety.   

but happy stuff.  got to see family & give hugs & get hugs & eat passably tasty food & visit w/ more family.  but after an hour & a half & the bride & groom hadn't arrived, i was ready to go.  i was done w/ the ppl.  i was done w/ the romance.  i was done w/ ... i was just done.  i was okay as long as i was distracted (sharing bret's beer, cuz i didn't want to drink a whole one.  LOL  talking w/ boo & nate - gosh i just love those two so much! - & mandi & mikey & ... well, okay, i love them all, my amazing family.  :) ).  but i'd already slipped into pull-inside-myself/stare-into-space/don't-touch-me mode & had been there for half an hour by the time bub & alex arrived.  so, i gave them squeezes & told them how beautiful & fun & funny the wedding was, and then i took my leave.  

mom nearly got us killed on the bridge.

God is good & saved us, and her car, w/o a scratch.  oye!  her car is a roller skate, and i did not want to be pinged against the bridge.  again.  *shudder*  it was scary enough the last time, in dad's boat of a car!!     

anyway!!  it was nice to be home & reading.  i finished The Duke and I (Julia Quinn) & it brought me to tears, party because - oddly? - some of the lines in the book were similar to vows spoken this afternoon.  that was a bit neat!  *laugh*  

now i'm torn - i have the whole Bridgerton series except for book 2.  so, do i skip it for now & read book 3, or start something else & go to the bookstore tomorrow to get book 2?  hmmm.  or do i just go to bed & figure it out tomorrow?  later today, really... it's 1:15AM!  well, idk yet what i'll do.

but ttfn!  : )  


  1. Carrie, you are a beautiful person. One of the kindest, most loving, and sweetest people I've ever known. You'll find your Prince Charming, I just know it. Heck, I didn't get married until I was 34. Some of us get started late. :)


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