Thursday, July 4, 2013


happy independence day blog buddies!!  : )  i hope you had a spectacular day with friends & family, and maybe some fireworks.  ; )  i think i saw more fireworks tonight than any other time in my life!  they were everywhere on my drive back to the hotel from joy's!  

the drive to omaha was quite nice - i ran errands & stuff this morning & then headed out (w/ starbucks of course!).  beautiful day, not terribly humid, LOTS of awesome LOUD music.  bliss!!  : )   also bliss, my hotel home away from home, the doubletree.  oh, this place makes me happy!  heh.  and my room this go around is a corner room on the 5th floor.  lovely!  i do so enjoy unpacking everything when i'm staying more than one night in a hotel.  putting things away in drawers & the armoire just feels... idk how to explain it.  i just enjoy it.  : )  i relaxed a bit w/ my book & then headed over to joy's around 6.  her house is so cute!!  and the kids - oh, i haven't seen them in a year & they've gotten so big!  i hadn't even met her youngest yet - he'll be a year in a few weeks.  i love my nieces & nephews!  : )  

we grilled out & shot off fireworks & played w/ snappers & the like.  their neighborhood seriously all gets into it, and there was a LOT of color in the skies!!  LOUD, too, and not the happy music kind of loud.  LOL  but super fun night!  

so!  anyone want to share their 4th of july fun?  


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