Sunday, July 7, 2013

vacation: the party & travel home

i ended up not leaving for lunch & just reading til it was time to leave for the party.

the party was fun!  i did not skate, tho.  i got snuggle time w/ baby andrew while everyone else was occupied, and that was quite a delight for me!!  he's such a happy baby!  there was pizza at the party, and it was rather good for cheese pizza.  : )  but i ate one piece too many & then i felt blah later, so i fetched a salad from target.  turned out to be a really good salad - romaine, goat cheese, strawberries & blueberries & a poppyseed dressing.  oh, and chicken.  heh.  

kathryn received lots of nice gifts & she really enjoyed opening them!!

the venue wasn't crowded by any means, but with like 20 ppl in kathryn's party, there were a lot of ppl about!  after a couple hours, my ppl meter was getting in the red, so i took my leave.  i needed socks, which is how i ended up at target.  i also thought maybe i could find Enthralled.  no dice.  gonna have to give in & order it from amazon, i think.  I WANT THAT BOOK!  i did find the second Entity book by Cat Devon, tho, so that was cool.  i finished If He's Tempted before bed - very good!  ironically, both It Happened One Midnight and If He's Tempted featured rescued children & both authors did an AMAZING job with that storyline!  i started Lynsay's The Perfect Wife & am so far enjoying it.  of course, i love lynsay's style.  : )  

today i slept til about 9:30 - it was hard to get up this morning!  last day of vacation blues.  LOL  i got dressed & packed up, cleaned up the hotel room to make sure i had everything - the usual, then settled in to read for an hour or so before leaving.  all of a sudden there was a BANGING at my door!  i was like, WTH?  i thought it was at the neighbor's door, but then it kept happening & i recognized it was at my door.  i swung back the curtains to see a kid about anthony's age.  i opened the door & said, "hello.  that was rather rude."  he was super embarrassed & polite after the fact - wrong room, obviously!  i sent him on his way w/ a chuckle & a "that's okay/no worries" cuz i didn't want him to feel bad!  *laugh*  

i went back to reading for a bit & then headed out.  i stopped at the front desk for some take-home cookies & went to joy's parents' house to wish her mom a happy birthday & visit for awhile.  :)  i love her family!  

then it was time to hit the road, but i needed some lunch, so i stopped at the BK.  they have yummy iced coffee, btw.  : )  the trip home was nice for the most part.  there were a couple illinois drivers along the way who were trying to get themselves or others killed, but thank God He kept everyone safe!!  

got into town around 5:30 & decided i wanted another lovely salad for dinner, so i stopped in at target.  got some bux, also.  :)  then headed to mom's to watch BB - they finally addressed some of the racist remarks that have been happening this season.  oye.  

got home about 8:30 & angel seemed a little pissed at me - she pooped in the bathroom (which, if she'd pooped in the TOILET in the bathroom, that would have been alright... LOL  phil had done a good job of cleaning out her litter, so she had to have been having a go at me.  brat.  *laugh*  she's being snuggly now, so i think she's better.  

saw a fb post about a new book coming out in november that looks AWESOME - Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye.  she apparently has some vampire books i need to be checking out, as well... *grin*  i love discovering new authors to read!!  

ummm... yeah, i think that's quite a long enough sharing session for today!!  LOL  PTL i get to sleep in tomorrow & don't have to be at work til like 11.  woot!

how'd your weekend go???  ttfn!  <3 ya!  : )  

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