Saturday, July 6, 2013

vacation: observations

1) my bed is a dream!  
like sleeping on a cloud of pillows.  : )

2) normally, when i'm on vacation, i like to order room service at least once.  i don't care aboiut the price, because i'm on vacation & allowed to splurge.
this trip, i keep thinking...
"i could pay $15 for a waffle, or i could buy 2 books at full price."

3) books win.

4) happily, i found starbucks iced coffee at the gas station, and it was 2 for $3, so i bought four of them & that feels like a treat.

5) i had some dry cereal, which i'd brought to snack on, and it is tasty, but i'm really hungry!!  i think i might have to venture out at lunch time.  or see if JJ's delivers here... hmmm.  

6) i finished It Happened One Midnight last night.  sometimes it's daunting to get into a new author's way of writing, but i really liked julie anne long's style, so i'll be looking for more from her!

7) next is hannah howell's If He's Tempted.  
i've been looking forward to this story since before i knew it existed!  the hero & heroine met in a previous book & i thought there was some interest & wanted them to have a story.  
and they DO!  yay!  :)  

8) all caught up on my bbdish blogs.
as mentioned on FB, i may be the only one who truly likes jeremy & kaitlin, but i do.  i'm enjoying the showmance portion, because - from what's been transcribed anyway - it's sort of like a romance novel.  LOL  they're attracted to each other, neither one are necessarily saints, but they mesh well together.  and it's cute how they're always like, "omg, we're on camera/what will my dad say/i forgot to take off my mic!" & other things like they should stop, but they don't/can't.  who knows what will happen to them outside the house - or even inside!  it's only week TWO!  but for now, i wish them well.

9) my hair is particularly curly today, and i wish i didn't have to wear it in a ponytail!  however, comfort over fashion, and if it's hot & sticky, a ponytail it will be!!

10) i'm now booked solid every weekend in july.  next weekend is bub & alex's wedding (yaaaay!!!!).  the 20th i'm taking leyton to mason city for stephen's 10th bday party/.
the 27th i'm going bowling w/ sarah & andrew & company!  yay!
then i think the first week in august we're going to chicago,.. 
and i'd still LIKE to be going to atlanta over labor day weekend, but so far i haven't heard that i've won that contest, so ... *pout*  *laugh*  

and that's my list for this morning! 
now i'm off to read til i venture out for some lunch. 
: ) 

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