Friday, July 19, 2013

vacation - MC

happy friday, party peeps!  : )  leyton & i are in mason city, iowa, at a lovely super 8 hotel.  leyton is supposed to be asleep, but he keeps popping up with random questions to stall sleepy time.  *laugh* 

i had a nice morning off - finished The Viscount Who Loved Me (anthony made up for being mean, and the last quarter of the book was SUPER GOOD!  i started book 3, An Offer From A Gentleman, which so far is sad, but likable.  

cleaned out the car & stuff & then went to starbucks & then picked leyton up.  chatted w/ anthony a bit & wished him a happy early bday (it's tomorrow) & then we were off!  stopped at wendy's since leyton didn't eat lunch for some reason.  goofy kid.  the trip went well - we did make some stops!  i-80 truck stop, gas stations, rest areas, wherever leyton wanted to stop.  we weren't in any hurry!  and it was nice to meander.  altho leyton didn't quite get the concept that if we had 2 1/2 hours to go, and we stopped somewhere for 1/2 an hour, once we were back on the road we still had 2 1/2 hours to go.  *laugh*  

when we got to town, we stopped at target for some snacks & stuff, played some catch, jumped on the bed... *laugh*  no swimming, but hopefully we'll get to do some of that tomorrow.  well, leyton will.  i'll be there to take pictures.  LOL  speaking of, i'll update w/ pictures later!  : )  


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