Monday, July 8, 2013

vacation: the aftermath

sooo... i stayed up til two reading last night, because i knew i could sleep in.  heh.  

i got up at 9-ish & was able to read for an hour or so before heading out to get gas & coffee before work.

arrived at work to discover - 657 emails in one box; 20 in another; over 1000 in the third.  *shocky face*

happily, once i deleted the timecard help desk ticket notifications (which they send out every hour, and i had 8 tickets in my queue), that number in the first mailbox was reduced to 43,  whew!  and all but 10 or so of the 1000 could be marked as read & moved to a folder.  no action needed there.  which made the number of emails i needed to work on/respond to during my 4 hour day only about 73, initially.  that's all i did all day!  *laugh*  

and it really was a pretty good day.  some of the issues were rather time consuming, but mostly i got thru everything quickly.  : ) 

after work, i visited starbucks & then came home to finish The Perfect Wife, read some blogs, enter a contest or two, work on which books i'm ordering from amazon next, deflect the devil's minion at my door (mediacom.  they are the devil, and when their minions come knocking at my door, uninvited, i feel no guilt in telling them that mediacom is the devil & will not be getting my business ever again.  i also make sure to tell them i'm sure they're perfectly nice ppl & don't hold it against them that they work for the face of evil.  LOL)... i decided on Once Upon A Tower by Eloisa James as my next book.  so far i like it, but i'm a little impatient.  i apparently spoiled myself with one too many books of the hero & heroine being together & the story being more about them facing a problem TOGETHER than the problem being their getting together... 

anyway!  i left a little later than i'd wanted, but made it to becca's just before 5:30 & we headed over to Porkapalooza!  : )  i'll write up a post about it on the menu blog tomorrow, with pictures.  once again we ended up at the F U N table!  : )  so happy to sit w/ friendly, FUNNY ppl!  i mean, really funny, dry senses of humor; one guy was the president of one of our hospitals & he was hilarious!!  another had some great one-liners going on!  loved it!  and the food was yummy!  : )  

we left before the judging, because i had car lag (like jet lag, only from driving!  LOL) & really we are just there for the party & the food.  *laugh*  i asked nicki to text me the winners later.  : )  

now, i really need to get to bed.  it's nearly 11 & i can't stay up til 2 again & really i'm ready to flop over but i want to read more & ... must force myself to put the book and computer down... heh.


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