Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the search

so, ya know how i was confused about the Enthralled release date, and then finally figured out it was yesterday (which i had KNOWN cuz alyssa had been talking about release day july 2nd.  i just got confused because of the other release.).  but since BAM has consistently not had the new books shelved when i have gone on release day, i decided to wait til today.  

oh, and this morning, everyone was talking about how dead it was going to be at work, so i decided to take 3 hours of vacation & go shopping.  :)  i still need capris!  it was a good work-day, tho.  got everything done i wanted to, AND helped several ppl w/ timecard things!  : )  so, that's a score!  someone asked me if timecards were my passion, and i said, actually they kinda are.  *laugh*  it's sort of out of necessity, but mostly i do really LIKE them.  or, rather, i like helping ppl w/ them.  i still think it would be better to use a different application for timecards, but that's okay.  

anyway, so i went to BAM to find Enthralled, but they were already sold out.  seriously.  apparently they'd only been sent like 3 copies.  *boggle*  so i might head over to B&N tomorrow before i leave.  oye.  shawna mentioned that LB has some cute capris, too, so i might stop there, as well.  i was also trying to find some american chillers books for katy, but BAM didn't have those, either.  *pout*  i DID, however, find more books from my list on the buy 2 get 1 free tables, so that was awesome!  :)  and i remembered to use my coupon.  woot!!  next, i went to the book rack to see if they had some chillers.  they did not, but they DID have judi fennell's Wild Blue Under, which i had been looking for!  : )   then my plan was to continue the search for capris, but by this point i was just ready to be home.  

i logged on at 2 for an hour, but here it is two hours later.  however, i don't feel bad about that, because part of what took longer was chatting w/ my cousin amanda!  : )  i love my family; they are fun to talk to!  but there are so many of us (a blessing!) it's hard to connect individually sometimes.  so i'll take any opportunity i can to chat!  

now, i'm going to finish this anthology & then pick out some books, get started on packing, do some laundry, go to mom's to watch BB... oh, i have to go to WM to pick up my rx before the trip, too.  but i think i'll do that tomorrow.  i don't feel like getting dressed again - and i do NOT want to end up on that "people of WM" site.  altho, i do wonder - in today's overly sensitive society, could someone sue that site for posting their picture w/o permission?  

food for thought.  speaking of food...i'm hungry!  ttfn!  

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