Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i wish i was thinking of something sticky & fun - like sex or cotton candy or something.

but no.  it's so dang humid out, i am sitting in my nice, ac'd home & the air is still thick!  :(  the sun is just going down, so hopefully my little abode will be able to cool down to the proper 68 degrees by bedtime!  and it's supposed to be like this all farden week?!  *grumble*  humid hotness makes me cranky, unless i'm in a greenhouse or some other tropical setting where there are misting fans and the like.

*sigh*  anyway.  went to the book rack after work to find the 2nd Bridgerton book - but they didn't have it! whaaat?  *laugh*  i had a feeling i should go to the IL store, but i didn't want to go to both, and i also needed to go to target, so i just went to the IA store.  i'll check out the IL store tomorrow after work & hopefully it will be there.  otherwise, amazon.com, i guess!  or i could check out BAM first.  my books that i ordered from amazon last week haven't even shipped yet, which kinda annoys me.  i want ENTHRALLED!  oye.  oh, and Hearts in Darkness because i'm jonesing for some of laura kaye's writing.  and Hard As It Gets doesn't come out til december.  so.  rah.  right now, it's Highland Sinner - kinda a different story & such for hannah howell, or at least it seems different than her others.  there's a dark aspect to this storyline & she's written it really well!  

anyway.  back to my book.  i'm too sticky to concentrate on what i wanted to share - oh, except for a couple things i just thought of...

- david beckham was in a dream the other night.  apparently i am suddenly REALLY attracted to tats.  nice.  
- got to chat w/ a guy w/ a super awesome voice & fun sense of humor & delicious laugh on the phone today.  voice crush!  *laugh*  
- i sort of want a chocolate shake from whitey's.  maybe i'll stop by there tomorrow.  my problem is - i only want a little shake, and i think even their small size is too much.  and i don't want to waste the ice cream.  eh. idk.  i'll probably just go to the bux.  treat receipts are back!!  : )  

'k.  back to my book!  ttfn!
what's the weather like where you are?  

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