Monday, July 1, 2013

ready for vacation!

i'm chomping at the bit to just go go go!  but have to make it through work tomorrow & wednesday & then figure out what time i'm leaving on thursday - i mean, i still want to sleep in, but don't want to leave too late.  and trying to think of everything i need to do - laundry & packing & picking which books are coming with me & making sure phil will remember to come feed & water & snuggle with angel.  : )  

my fb posts tonight have been all over the board.  jensen ackles as dean winchester lip syncing to Eye of the Tiger.  charlie daniels's SPOT ON post about the fact that the media is using paula deen as a distraction from  all the CRAZY IMPORTANT things that are going on right now.  a blog about finding a gorgeous mirror on craig's list.  ben stein.  my goodreads review of Ten Things I Love About you.  (gosh, i adored most of that book!  lists!!!)  

today was beautiful for a monday.  :)  cinnamon roll and iced coffee from panera.  beautiful blue skies.  35th anniversary party at work (interestingly - today is also my aunt & uncle's 35th wedding anniversary).  seeing mr crushtastic & getting to be all flirty w/ him.  heh.  i love when we get to have tiny little conversations, but then i always want them to last longer.  : ) 

the weather was lovely all day.  got to read at lunch.  also, there were OLIVES in the cafeteria.  i love when brenda brings me olives.  yum!  also yum, arthur's for dinner.  i splurged & got a slice of strawberry cheesecake, too.  i'll nibble on it for a couple days.  : )  

i want to go to dragon*con in atlanta labor day weekend.  i entered a contest.  it'd be so neat if i won!!!  i'm 95% sure i won't be going if i don't win it.  *laugh*  then i've also been thinking about christmas & if i want to travel this year for it if i can.  contemplating DC/Maryland again, visiting w/ april & her family, & the smithsonian.  but then i have been reallllllyyyyyy feeling the pull of the ocean lately.  i sort of want to rent a beach house in alabama - the gulf of mexico isn't exactly the ocean, but it is big & majestic & awesome... and dauphin island was beautiful when i was there so many years ago.  and then i remember corpus christi, and the beach there, as well.  plus, texas has the added dad-memories... *sigh*  i'm just feeling the wanderlust gripping me, and i am trying to be smart & not jump into planning a trip willy-nilly.  i do have a tendency to do that, you know?  i'm either jumping into things or plotting them endlessly.  idk which is better.  or maybe they are both good and bad in equal measure.  idk.  

dichotomy of my life, always!  

i think i need brighter bulbs in my living room light fixture.  

oh, i need to remember to put more money on my starbucks card.

oh, oh!  the other day, when i was sad because i had forgotten to pick up Enthralled?  turns out i had the date wrong & it comes out TOMORROW anyway!  : )  so yay!  trip to BAM tomorrow?  possibly...  


dreamed of yanni last night.  *laugh*  Was in a really big mansion, visiting with Yanni.  He had a huge aquarium that took up one entire wall, but it was currently empty.  He’d just been through a divorce & his wife took all the water & fish.  (?!)  he was planning to refill it but wanted my opinion on what all should go in there now.  We went upstairs – huge curving staircase – into a botanical garden area, complete w/ waterfall & koi pond.  I met w/ a couple other ppl & we decided to film a game show for TV.

 doesn't that sound like fun??  it was a fun dream!  : )  

hope you're having a good week so far!  


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