Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pasta la vista, baby!

that's what i had for dinner last night & lunch today.  basil chicken penne from fazoli's.  yummy!  : )  i wanted olive garden, but didn't want to mess w/ getting out of the car to pick it up (i know, lazy, but sometimes that's just the way it goes!) & then i remembered fazoli's!  woot!  drive thru!  *laugh*

today was a pretty good day, except i was running 1/2 an hour late & so had to stay 1/2 an hour late & golly but that last 1/2 hour, which turned into an hour, is so hard some days!  heh.  also, i had to talk to one of my favorite non-work ppl who is also one of my least favorite work ppl about a work thing & they always misunderstand what i'm trying to say & then talk in circles & then i get frustrated because they never actually answer my question - or, as with today, they answer it & it's what i was saying in the first place but they spent the whole conversation arguing w/ what they THOUGHT i was saying & ... ugh!  it just frustrates me!

*sigh*  anyway, other than that, good day.  hazelnut macchiato after work, and then As Twilight Falls, which i am REALLY SUPER ENJOYING!!!  then i headed to mom's.  stopped at mcd's for me & the boy, and forgot about the fair, which takes place right across from mcdonald's (which, idk how i forgot about it - we have been talking about it a lot at work!!) & it just makes traffic a bear!  but i made it to mom's & got to see the kid:

and watch some BB & tweet.  altho i wasn't paying as much attention to the tweeting cuz i was paying attention to leyton!  lol  and also he was being a bit whiny, and mom was tired & getting growly & ... i hate how she gets this tone in her voice & idk why she hasn't figured out that it DOESN'T WORK for anyone.  it didn't work w/ me, or phil, and it doesn't work w/ leyton, and it just makes everyone feel bad & she just doesn't get it.  oye.  leyton was being a pill, and i totally get that she was upset, but ... idk.  i'm just super sensitive to tone, ya know?  

so, yeah.  

she decided she doesn't want to go to chicago next weekend, so i'm kinda undecided.  i really want to hit up Lush & H2O & Garrett's & Sprinkle's ... but i don't really want to mess w/ driving down town by myself, so... i'll probably just take a day of vacation & hang around here.  then, we are planning to go to chicago w/ the boys over labor day weekend, so i can maybe convince them we need to go downtown for an hour or two & i can get everything i want.  LOL  

i saw two of the missionaries walking while i was coming home & i wanted to offer them a ride, but i didn't have the thought til i was already almost past them, and i didn't want to stop in the middle of the road.  so, i hope they made it wherever they were going safely!!  it's getting dark... 

and, i think that's all i have for today!  back to my book!  :)  


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  1. I love how much you're reading. Read some for me, too! :)


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