Wednesday, July 17, 2013


- sometimes i complain about the craziness that is timecards.  however, i find that timecards are my favorite part of my job.  i think it might be BECAUSE of the craziness... 

- it's still flippin HOT and HUMID!  go away!  bring back cooler temps.  i'm not saying i'm ready for snow & ice & all that, but just would like to go outside & not feel like i'm melting.  please?  : ) 

- finished Highland Sinner.  it was good - i liked the dark aspect of the villain.  and there were several twists that didn't have to do w/ the hero/heroine relationship that i enjoyed as well.  

- went to the book rack after work.  these things happened:
- cute bookstore boy was there
- cute bookstore boy winked at me
- some dude who liked the sound of his own voice & also did a really good impression of popeye took up all my flirting time (by talking to cute bookstore boy and everyone else, not by bothering me)(my description of him sounds a little snarky, but i don't mean it to.  just don't know how else to describe him!)
- i found the 2nd bridgerton book, and the 8th, and one of the hannah howell/lynsay sands anthologies on my list
- cute bookstore boy is a fan of cedar point, which is proof that he has good taste in amusement parks if nothing else!
- did i mention the wink?  LOL  ; ) 

- got some starbucks & brough an iced coffee over to bret.  : )  i'm a good cousin-sister!

- stopped at the gas station on my way to mom's.  tattooed guy in front of me & i had a nice discussion about the merits of air conditioning in this melting heat.  heh.  

mmm...tattoos...  : ) 

- went to mom's to watch BB.  a lot of comments in the twitterverse are quite negative concerning all the showmances this season, but i am really quite enjoying them!  i don't necessarily like all the pairings, but they are making the show verrrry interesting to me!

- unexpected LEYTON time!  : ) 

- set up dinners w/ my friend kris for next week & my friend jess for tomorrow.  woot!

- texted "woot!" to mom in response to her text that leyton was spending the night tonight, and she replied, "??woot??"  this amused me.  (i explained it was like "yay!" when i got there.)  

- i think i'm going to take the whole day off on friday instead of 1/2 a day.  i don't think i have any meetings scheduled...

-ummm... and i think that's it.  couple more chapters & i'm off to bed!  

how was your wednesday?  oh!  speaking of wednesday - LOL  one of our directors emailed me a question about something & we ended up having a discussion about the geico camel commercial.  when he saw me later, he came over & was like, "what day is it, carrie?  what day is it?"  ROTFL it was funny.  also, if you haven't seen that commercial, please you tube it now.  : ) 



  1. Carrie Marie, I had to laugh about the ??woot?? Thanks for that. Have a great day. :)

  2. :) glad i could give ya a grin!!!


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