Wednesday, July 3, 2013

holy crap on a cracker

oh, big brother!  tonight's edit on cbs was interesting.  from reading my bbdish page, i had surmised that jeremy had guzzled a bottle of wine out of spite & i was quite irritated with him.  however, a couple of things revealed tonight - aaryn goaded him into getting the wine, and then she drank a big ol' cup of the wine, and then she went around THROWING JEREMY UNDER THE BUS about the wine!  and jeremy actually acted pretty gallant.  aaryn ran out & told him ppl were talking about her & attacking her about the wine, and he went in & took all the blame for drinking the wine (which is what bbdish transcribed).  now, jeremy has his issues & he can be a douche, but in that moment, i liked him a little more, and i think if/when the houseguests find out that he was being a bit chivalrous there, i think they'll like him a little more, too.

tonight, for the first time ever, i followed #bb15 on twitter & tweeted along w/ ppl while watching the show.  it was rather fun!  twitter annoys me on a regular basis, because it just moves too FAST for my liking.  i mean, i don't have all day to sit & tweet & read tweets & keep up w/ every little thing!!  and then i feel like i've missed out on huge chunks of what's going on in the twitterverse... so, i stay away from it normally.  but i'm thinking i might have to make it a regular thing during BB this year!!  : )  

jen kindly sent me some nifty photos from red white + BOOM tonight.  pretty fireworks captures & cute ones of the kids & her, too!  hooray!  i also got to chat w/ joy & carol & some of my authors a bit, so that was nice.  (heh, i claim them as "my" authors.  isn't that nice?  but seriously, i love interacting with them.  i love knowing the side of a beloved author that is personal.  i don't imagine i'll be meeting any of them for tea or anything, altho that would be EPIC, but it's just nice having a personal connection - even if it's just that they like a comment i've left on their page or something.  for that milisecond, they saw ME and liked something I said.  it's kinda heady... : )   

however, w/ all of that chatting & reading fb & twitter & texts & then blogs... i haven't read very much of the book i started - julie anne long's It Happened One Midnight.  i'm only a couple chapters in, but i LOVE the beginning!  this is the first book of hers i've read, and so far i am immensely enjoying her writing style!  i also picked up a Cat Devon book, two Lynsay Sands & another Eloisa James.  : )  other than still not having Enthralled, and not finding any more chillers books for katy, it was a successful book day!  heh.  

anyway!  i'm going to read for a couple hours & then go to bed.  i can sleep til whenever tomorrow, hooray! the plan is to get up whenever, as i said, finish packing, then head to WM, the bank, STARBUCKS & hit the road.  woot woot!!  phil will hopefully be looking in on angel... 


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