Thursday, July 18, 2013

hodgey podgey

5:30AM wake up
610AM Starbucks
6:15AM cute Starbucks boy (and kind)
6:30AM work
work work work
phone calls
10:30AM meeting - good times! discussed timecards & the praise email / survey comment i received.  nice!!
12PM lunch - was pretty hungry at this point!  
was supposed to have lunch w/ a friend, but she had some car trouble, so no go.
2PM vacation phone call.  this dude was HILARIOUS!  he had me laughing so hard, talking about how he took vacation to walk part of the Appalachian Trail, and lost so much weight, and then came back home & found it again.  and had to buy new pants.  idk even know if i could do the conversation justice, but he made my afternoon!  : )
3PM Treat Receipt!!
coffee light frapp & a cake pop.  

ahhh.  end of the day when you have vacation the next day is somehow super sweet.  :)  

i got some stuff done in prep for my trip & had to cancel dinner w/ jess to get it all taken care of (and then didn't even manage to do a couple things, so i'll have to do them tomorrow, but at least there's LESS to do tomorrow?!)
so, i picked up steak & spinach salad from applebee's & then went ahead over to mom's.
seriously hilarious tweets, AND Amy Crewes re-tweeted me!  : )  she & marcellas were my favorite houseguests of their season.  and they are still two of my favorite ppl!

reading The Viscount Who Loved Me.
oh my heck.
anthony bridgerton is MEAN and he has made me cry twice now & he has some work to do to redeem himself in my eyes.  he took the first step by apologizing, but he's still determined to do some things that are just awful & i want to smack him.
aside from that - or maybe it's a credit to julia quinn's writing - i'm enjoying the unfolding of the story.  

speaking of stories - when will my amazon order get here?!?!?!  i want to read Hearts in Darkness so bad!!!  agh!  (okay, so amazon says delivery could be monday or sometime next week, but yeesh!  come on already!!!)

  gonna curl up w/ anthony & kate now.  

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